Saturday, May 9, 2009


I tells you a secret...shhh my mommy sleeps wif the TV on and I love it!!! Daddy hates it, so when mommy is home on her 2 nights off, I get to be lulled to sleep by the TV. Also it is good cover for stealing the Blackberry and tweeting...they can't hear the buttons if the TV is on, hee hee. I love to tweet on twitter, I on most nights from 11pm-6am est...I love the furry friends I meet, so if you are up stop by and say hi @Ri_guy hope to hear from you....
On a side note about the TV....daddy says he can't sleep wif it on but that is a LIE!!!!! He can too, I hear him snore. Mommy says he is being a baby about having the TV on because she says he sleeps all the time when they visit Papa and his TV is on, and daddy snoring. Also mommy says daddy sleeps in the car to and from Boston everyday and guess what; the radio is on, so daddy you a liar. You need to suck it up and let us have the TV on, you know it really doesn't bother you, you just giving mommy a hard time, now STOP IT!!! Mommy works hard and deserves to be able to sleep in a noisy bedroom if she chooses apparently you get to sleep during the day too.

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Anita said...

Hi Riley! We love to sleep with the tv on too! Your daddy needs to be patient! :)