Saturday, February 27, 2010


What haz my mommy been doing on my bloggie??? 
I see all kinds of pictures and dey are not all ME? 
I fought dis was MY bloggie, grrrr.....
I gonna go pout now.....on my new doggie bed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I was playing wif stuff

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well mommy is finally letting me get on my bloggie, but it is only to tell you that I am moving and won't be on all that much over the next few days. We have to wait for internet service at da new house, stupid  stupid stupid...I want to blog...I iz a bloggie doggie don't dey understand? Mom sayz to be patient and dey may have a cancellation, yeah right...I fink she is trying to pacify me. I haz lots to tell you but no time to get it all in....Daddy and mommy are both on vacation now while we are moving...oh did I mention we are moving on Wednesday and Tuesday we are getting a snow storm...I bet you can imagine how so very happy this makes mommy. Mommy loves the first snow fall...then she is DONE wif snow for the rest of the winter.


 Mommy managed to get her Red Sox tickets...she is so happy, dis is da one game mommy and daddy goto every year...they sit in da EMC Club and feast on Lobster Rolls and Turkey Club sandwiches and are surrounded by the Silver Slugger Bats, Gold Gloves and 2 World Series Trophies. Dey even take a private escalator to the EMC Club, no waiting in line...VIP treatment, now you see why dey only go once a year?

Overlooking the playing field and the city of Boston, the EMC Club is one of Fenway Park's premium seating areas. The inside of the club is climate controlled with an elegant restaurant and three full-service bar areas. Outside you will find padded seats with a TV screen in each section and some of the best views in baseball.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mommy is too busy trying to get Red Sox tix dat I can't get on my blog.....MOM?????

Mom is off today

Mom says I can post a blog story today, but she has to have time to see Papa first...geesh I have to wait yet I iz SPECIAL and dis is MY bloggie so I get to write on it when I feel like it, NOT YOU!!!! MooooooM????? Where did dat crazy lady go???? MOM? Papa have you seen mom, send her back so she can sign me on da 'puter...PAPA???? where did everyone go? Dey better not be off at CoCo Keys swimming wifout me! Hmmp....looks like dey left me all alone wifout da final copy of my story.....HEY LADY?"

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Mom says I a precious baby and should be handled with care....
Sandy whacked me in da eye da otter day and now it is sore and I cry when i getz it is worried about me, she babies me and I LOVE IT! 
Shhhh.... Honestly da eye is not so bad, but if you know my mommy...
it is the worst thing ever as far as she is concerned.
You see I am her BABY and no one or nobody gets to mess wif me.
She protects me like no otter, 
Gosh Golly Gee willikers I haz da best mommy EVER!
Love you momz! 

for you Zack...
Holy Peanut Butter Batman...heheheheh