Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is my best guuurrrl, Lily she was my bestest sister for 3 years. We did everything together, including getting in trouble. When she first came mommy put her in a crate and let me walk around to get to know her...oh wait a little back story on how we got her...First off mommy had a friend who ran a shelter and knew mommy wanted another Boxer so she called and said there was a Boxer up for adoption in Holyoke, Ma if we wanted her but she had to make a decision on the spot because they were going to put her down at 5pm, it was 3:30, so mommy said yes right away. Anne the nice lady at the shelter said she was leaving then to go get her. Anne called the shelter and said she was on her way, they told her she had till 5pm and not a minute later, not very nice she stepped on it. She made it there with only a few minutes to spare, but she was ours and on her way home. Her history was that she was bred for fighting, her teeth were filed down to the gum line and was found with a 100lb pulling harness on, so we were unsure of her temperament. So here we are back at the crate issue, mommy placed her in the crate and I was allowed to walk around it and get to know her and see how she behaved. Mommy left us in the room alone together and we growled and barked, after 15 minutes mommy didn't hear us anymore and came in to investigate...guess what she found...we were sound asleep next to each other back to back inside and outside of the crate. We were a perfect match, and remained that way. The next morning mommy had to go to work so she placed me in my crate and Lily in her crate, we could see each other but were on opposite sides of the room, Lily did not like this idea so she chewed her way out of the crate and met mommy at the door when she arrived home, imagine her surprise when she opened the door. This continued for 3 days, then mommy said she was running out of ideas to keep the metal crate together so she put us in the same crate, oh mine was huge, big enough for a Great Dane, you know what? Mommy never found Lily outside her crate again: all she wanted was to be with me. From that day forward we were inseparable, we did everything together. She taught me a few things too, like how to bark...I never barked before Lily came to live with me, never! Mommy wasn't even sure I knew how to bark, but I learned and I learned good. I can bark and BAROOO with the best of the Boxers I know. She also taught me how to get things off the counter, again I was very well behaved before Lily came. I loved her, she was my best the story of Annabelle

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Aw, you two make the best duo! What a nice story. :-)

sniffs and licks,


PS - I like your monkeys :-)