Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

I iz so sorry dat I haz been neglecting my blog, but hey I haz been busy. I haz been taking care of mommy, she hurt her back ya know. Den she went wif papa to Boston to get his new heart checked out and guess what? Mommy hit the deck and papa laughed, and laughed hard. Mom gave blood about an hour before and well it caught up wif her cause…she went down, all da way to da FLOOR, she landed in her apple juice, the same juice they had just given her to feel better. Oops, heheheh…I mean mom I hope you are feeling better? The good news is when she passed out she had to go to the emergency room to be checked out before they would let her leave, and while checking her out they noticed she had an abnormal T wave in her heart, so she gots to have that looked into especially wif papas history. So der you have my past few weeks in a nut shell, I promise to write more later…..

Happy Turkey Day

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello everyone,I am just stopping by to tell you i have not forgotten about has been on vacation and loving life..She is not looking forward to going back to work but nows it is only for a very short time, she only works 12 days this whole month...and only 14 in December. We love the new house and the yard is incredible. My new sister Sandy is well she is a ball of energy...i love her but girl take it down a notch or two. Titan is enjoying having the run of the new house and yard, he loves that he is trusted enough to run off leash. Annabelle got a barking collar, she was not very happy about it but mom and dad loved the decision. Annabelle has learned not to bark when the collar is on, and crazy girl she lets us put the collar on her. She is a good girl and we love her now that she is quiet. The new house is very quiet and dark at night, we can not see any street lights so it is just the lights from the house that lights the yard, mom is getting used to the darkness, me i don't mind i kinda like it dark and quiet. Dad has finished power washing the house, it looks great and new...the white looks new and fresh. Dad also power washed the thermometers off the house along with all the mold and dirt. Mom loves the way the house looks now. I have been outside alot lately cause we have had the nicest weather lately, its been in the 70's unseasonably warm for November.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bristol & Rocky

RIP Bristol...Bristol was a litter mate/sister to my boy Titan; she crossed over Rainbow bridge on Wednesday from complications to Parvo...she was a sweet sweet girlRockum Sockum\
This is ROCKY, Titans daddy...yes they look exactly alike, you really can not tell the difference. Rocky is very sick and has a 50/50 shot of pulling through, he is sick with an unknown virus that presents itself like Parvo but is not. he is at the vet receiving antibiotic via IV vein. We are praying for Rocky and his 2 lil pups who tested positive for Parvo on Wednesday, the vet says everyday their chances increase...keep fighting guys, love you.

Our new House

We all love the new house especially me, I have such a big yard to run and play in, woohoo. Here are a few picyures of us just hanging out in the media room...

the Boys
the Girls

Me relaxing
the Boys again, different day same pose, hehehehe

Titan, as long as some of him is on the dog bed, means it's a comfortable place to sleep