Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mom is an AUTHOR!!!!!!

Boxer Book Author Announcement:
Thank you to everyone who contributed stories for this book! Click here for a list of rescue groups that helped us to collect stories.
AbbyWhitney PriceRockin' P Rescue
AbnerMeredith ThompsonMidwest Boxer Rescues
AJMelissa YoungLegacy Boxer Rescue
BenMichelle TrotterBlue Ridge Boxer Rescue
BenjaminMary NeviusHeart of Ohio Boxer Rescue
BenjiMichael DunnBETA
CaseyAndrea WesterfeldLegacy Boxer Rescue
CheerioAbby EubankSan Marcos Animal Shelter
ClaytonMary NeviusHeart of Ohio Boxer Rescue
Dixie BellAngie PerschRockin' P Rescue
EllaKellie GivensJennifer's Pet Rescue
EvaLinda PottsMinnesota Boxer Rescue
ForrestKaren RodgersCastaway Animal Rescue Effort
Elaine Pacheco
Boxer Buddies
IsaiahJennifer AndersonMokan Boxer Rescue
JahzaraDeby ManisMokan Boxer Rescue
JaimeeDebra KnowlesBoxer Rescue and Adoption
Jazz/BuzzDebbie JohnsonNorcal/Legacy Boxer Rescue
KendraApril RobbinsLegacy Boxer Rescue
KimbaStella KochGreenfield/Hancock Co. Shelter
LexiLisa HansenBlue Ridge Boxer Rescue
LuluMarlene GardnerNorcal Boxer Rescue
MagnumLorie TomlinsonLegacy Boxer Rescue
MaliceDevlynn SaundersRugaz Rescue
MollyLucy BlakeMinnesota Boxer Rescue
MugsyKathy A BectonLegacy Boxer Rescue
RemingtonAbby EubankLegacy Boxer Rescue
RipleyKay PetersBlue Ridge Boxer Rescue
RiverTrish LocklairBlue Ridge Boxer Rescue
RockyJudy BaileyLegacy Boxer Rescue
SamLee MitchellMissouri Valley Boxer Club
SawyerShannon WalkerRockin' P Rescue
TagJoyce HeidemanMid Michigan Boxer Rescue
TysonLisa BarkerBoxer Buddies
YukiMarie FranciscoMid Michigan Boxer Rescue
SidneyGail TraylorRockin' P Rescue
AJMelissa YoungLegacy Boxer Rescue
AnghusAshley RussellBoxer Rescue and Adoption
Easter Egg HuntAngie PerschRockin' P Rescue
BodieTy MerrickLegacy Boxer Rescue
ChancyTeresa  Reid
DozerShana PieprzycaLegacy Boxer Rescue
HanaMichelle TrotterBlue Ridge Boxer Rescue
IainWhitney RicciardiBlue Ridge Boxer Rescue
JeffreyRose Ann DeanRockin' P Rescue
LilyMonique Tagliavia   Lenox Dog Rescue
Winter LilyAmanda HislopFour Seasons Boxer Rescue
Betty LouLee MitchellMissouri Valley Boxer Club
BobAlison MorrisLegacy Boxer Rescue


Hi mom is working on something, I'll tell you about it in a few.....hint....
Moms story is going to be published in a book!!!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lorinda I saw this and all I could think of was you!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Papa Papa Papa

Your PB squares are on da cooking show dis week!!!!!!!! Saturday at 3:30pm...
your PB squares!!!!!!

Holy peanut butter, batman..
Papa PB squares are da recipe picked for da show!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Just have a second, I was snoring da night away and den Titan wanted to go outside so daddy is wif him now, but i haz to get back in der so Sandy can't have my cuddle spot next to daddy...she already had it earlier to day, not fair.....

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Mom told me she and daddy were gonna go paint the old house yesterday...well I'm not sure how much paint actually made it on da walls cause mommy was covered in purple paint, she looked pretty but paint stinks, I no like it. Daddy said he painted da ceilings and da walls in da hallway, but I no believe him, he wasn't wearing any paint. Mom painted and wore paint, daddy says he painted but no paint to be found, hmmm whats a pup to fink? Is someone lying or did daddy change his clothes??? Mom and daddy say dey are going back today to finish up some more will finish da bafroom and daddy will work on da living room and hallways, dey say if dey have time dey are gonna start da bedroom. I don't fink dey gonna have time cause mommy is gonna wanna sleep and if she doesn't get to sleep she can be CRANKY!!!!! I fink daddy will bring her n=home and den go back and finish so he no have to listen to her complain about not sleeping....if he was smart this would be the plan.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mom stole it not me!

Papa dis is da pic mommy was telling you about, isn't it PAWSOME, BUNNIRIFIC?
Zack is in front and Rufus is bring up da does plushateer do it??? Go check out da cooking show for more pic of da Bunny chefs
then click on cooking show or just go here...

hi ho.. hi ho.. off to work we go.. #cooking #baking on Twitpic

New stuff

Mommy tells me we have heat at da old house, now I can go for rides over der and visit. We have heat and water, woohoo...mommy was at da old house last night and it was 64 degrees, mommy was laughing cause the house has never been 64 degrees before, we like it on da cool side or at least mom does, me NOT SO MUCH!!! I got short fur and not a lot of I haz to be under my blankies. Mom says she is going to paint this weekend and next..she mentioned changing the kitchen to a reddish color...I fink it will be cool, but DON"T move my food dish...leave it right where I left it, on da floor next to da no no don't touch it. She also said she is painting her and daddy's bedroom, she finks she is going to paint it eggplant but I don't fink daddy is going to let her, hehehehehe. Mommy I fink will get her way she always does, but don't tell daddy, I tell him he wins so I not hurt his feelings. Eggplant, not sure how I'm going to spin the daddy win on this one but I a smart pup, I'll figure it out, I haz to our manly pupness is at stake.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hi Papa and Zack and my otter anipals....we did a whole lot of nuttin today, but I heard mommy tell daddy I was going for a ride tomorrow, Daddy said he needed a coffee buddy, that's me, that's me!!! We are gonna go to the old house and drop off da new lights and see da new furnace...HEAT!!!! Dey are going to turn it on on Monday so daddy says I haz to wear my coat cause it is going to be cold there...dats ok I love my coat. Mommy will be home sleeping wif Titan cause she haz to go out den to work tomorrow night, she is busy, sometimes she never stops...I hope I get my cuddle time wif her tomorrow???

Thursday, January 7, 2010

me and my daddy, doing what we do best...SLEEPING!!!!!

Dis is me and mommy sleeping...notice a theme???

Ok we look awake for this one, mom woke me to take it....not nice mommy, notice I iz not smiling!
Here is mommy and Boo

Monday, January 4, 2010


Hi to all my friends, we as a household didn't do much today...we kinda all just hung out. Mom and I cuddled for some of da morning, then she and daddy went to visit Gram and guess what? They didn't take Sandy. Nope she stayed home wif me...we cuddled on da couch, it was very cold outside mommy said, somefin like 10 degrees. I know it was cold cause mommy put my stylish coat on me so I could go outside, she loves me, she really loves me, hehehe. When mom and daddy got home I guess it was time for football cause daddy had that glazed over look in his eyes as he watched the big talking square box. He shouted at da fing many calls it da TV, but I call it da big talking box. Anyway...Titan was kinda a god boy at least I didn't hear dad say any of dos bad words at him. Annabelle needed her barking collar today...I fink she got a little too comfortable not having it on, but boy did she remember what it was when she tried to bark at Sandy over of all fings my space on da couch wif daddy...ahem girls.... dat spot is mine!!!!!! Later in da day I decided I'd had enough of da pups I was gonna go nappy wif mom...and she cuddled me right up and we slept till she had to go to work.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year.... we go....

2009 went out wif a flood in da fought it was a toilet dat let go, BUT she found out it was da whole septic system dat let go! She is not happy but she no have to pay for it so....we gettin a whole new septic system, yeah....ahh wait what is a septic system and why is mommy so happy she not paying for it??? Dis my anipals is da story of our lives, if we did not have bad luck, we would have no luck at all...dis is what mommy says. She says her luck ran out when she rescued all us pups...we her lucky charms...
but we don't work miracles!
I heard mommy say she was on a really bad reality show, and not getting paid to star in it...

Now what should we call it???
Open to suggestions