Sunday, May 31, 2009


There seems to have been a mix up with who my new brudder was. We first saw a brindle puppy we fell in love with, then we were told he was a she,so we chose a different one, who we also fell in love with. We later just 2 days ago learned.there had been a mistake and the brindle was a boy, he was and is our Titan, whom we have loved since day one. We are over the moon to call him ours, we can't wait to take home....we love you Titan Tagliavia.

Friday, May 29, 2009

nervous! heart failure team just in says we R real close, keep cells on & close by, transplant very soon hoping 4 this weekend.

not mommy

My mommy is sad and anxious lately. Her daddy desperately needs a new heart and the waiting is driving her crazy. She feels all alone in this journey, she has daddy but it’s just not the same. She refuses to miss a day to visit even though it is costing her a fortune. She is getting behind on a few bills and I know that is weighing on her too, but she says Papa is irreplaceable and material things she can get again, even if it is her house. I write this not for sympathy for my mommy, she is strong and tough but because I want her to know she really is not alone. I have always been there for her though good times and bad…we will get through this no matter what the outcome. I love you mommy!!!!***

***not written by mommy (daddy helped)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

my day

Let me tell you how I spent my Memorial started off great snuggling in bed wif momma and daddy, this is a very rare occasion because mommy works midnights and she was not working, so we got to have her all to ourselves. Although daddy did try and send mommy to work, he likes having the whole bed to himself, oh and us puppies too. He is always trying to send mommy to work on her nights off, I don't get it, snuggling is good. Anyways where was I, oh yeah, we were snuggling in bed and mom decides she will take us outside and give the grouchy daddy the morning off of outside duty, ha ha I make a funny duty and we are going outside for ...duty, get it ha ha ha. Okay where was I again, oh that's right we went outside and came in and had a special treat. We got to have berryblue muffins for breakfast, yummy. After our wonderful breakfast we returned to bed for more lovings from mom and dad, then dad decided it was time to get up and get on with the day. He took us out again, and they left! They left, that's it just a quick good bye and they were gone. Momma did mentioned something about not being gone long, and having to visit Papa. So this is where the fun begins.....Annabelle is asleep on the couch, I walk over, climb on the couch and sit down right on top of her, I figure she will move right? Wrong! She stays where she is, so now I have to move because she is way to lumpy. I move over to the love seat and take a nap, only to woken up to Annabelle howling, hey sister, who does that in the middle of the day, shut up!!!! She does not listen, this goes on forever, really it was maybe 1 minute but dude I'm old, I almost 10, I need my sleep, come on now. Finally she is quiet and I go back to sleep. Sleep, what the ???? Those are my ears, you can not, I repeat you can not have them. She was tugging on my ears, apparently I was in her spot, because as soon as I get off the love seat she climbs up and lays down. Whatever, I will go lay on the big bed, the one wif all them pillows. On my way I decide I might as well get a drink to go, I head off to the spare room where mom keeps the water, ahhh ohhh, hey get out of here, she is butting into my water time and space. I tell her that she needs to share, and she looks at me like I have 3 heads, and continues to drink...I wait patiently the good boy that I am, I get to the bowl and it is empty. That's ok, I was done drinking anyways. I jump on the bed and get as comfortable as I can and she jumps up and decides it is the perfect spot and time to chew a Nyla bone...cripes am I ever going to get peace from her? She is done chewing after a few minutes and goes to sleep, ahh the tranquility of sleep. Car??? Is that my moms car in the driveway? I run to inspect, yippy it is mommy and daddy. They are home from who knows where doing god knows what. Mommy has something in her hand, is it food? Can I have it? I wait and wiggle; you know the Boxer wiggle where my butt literally meets my head, I look like a kidney bean....they were home and brought CHICKEN! I love chicken. Mommy gave us each some in our dishes, they walked us and again we all snuggled into bed, but not before daddy asked mommy if she wouldn't rather go to work, she said no and hugged me close and off to sleep we went....daddy says it was the worst nights sleep ever cause mommy was in bed, hee hee.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I kinda told daddy we were getting a new puppy, whether he wanted one or not. He took one look at his face and said oh that's my new baby boy? He was hooked the moment he set eyes on him, mommy knew he would be. So we wait to welcome Titan into our family, how we are getting him home, we have no idea, but we will figure something out.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chase gave me this pawsome award!

Thank you so much buddy!

Here are the rules:

1. Post it to the blog and link to who gave it to you;

2. List seven things you love;

3. List seven blogs you love;

4. Comment on those blogs and let them know you've given them the award.

So here are my seven bloggies I chose for this award:

1) Chace

2) Lainey

3) Bruschi

4) Lily

5) Rufus

6) Indie

7) Alice

8) Rockum Sockum (I cheat had to add him, he's my pups daddy)

And here are the seven things I love:

1) Giving kisses.

2) Annoying my sister Annabelle

3)Pizza...oh I love Pizza

4) Cuddling wif momma

5) Sleeping in da BIG bed

6) Snuggling.

7) Slobbering all over daddy

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I gots news......

It's a BOY!!!!! His name is Titan....mommy convinced daddy we need another puppy in the house, and we have picked him out. As of today he is a whole 3 days old. I can't wait to get him home, I know it is going to be 8 weeks till I get him but, woohoo!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hi ya

Hello, I knows I supposed to write about adventures here but I just hafta tell ya about my Papa...he is doing great, his whole attitude change when he heard he was officially listed for transplant, his blood pressure went down, his NVO2 numbers went down and his sarcasm came back...dat is a very good sign wif papa...I so happy dat mommy is happy again, she was very sad finking she gonna lose her daddy.

I have an adventure for you tomorrow ok?...stay tuned...& thanks for stoppin by...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Extra Extra....Read all about it!!!!

Extra Extra....
Read all about it!!!
My Papa,mommy's daddy got RELISTED for heart transplant tonight!!!!!
This is the bestest news ever.
He needed to be relisted by this weekend,
They say this is the weekend that hearts become available.
Keeping out fingers crossed for a viable heart to becoma available...
praying hard wif all paws crossed,
love you Papa,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I got mail!!!!!!

I got mail yesterday!!!!
I got Best Bully Sticks in the mail...OMD they are delicious.
I have to get mommy to order more, I have got to have them.
I learned to savor the flavor, cause it took me an hour to eat the whole thing.
I took my time and I even let Annabelle have the other one, she loved it too, however she managed to eat it in about 40 minutes, then she came looking for mine....No way sister this one is mine!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Mommy was not very happy that I woke her up today. Daddy took us out before he left for work at 2pm, and I managed to drink a whole bowl of water by myself and well, I had to goooooo. I went in to try and tell mommy but she was sleeping, mommy came home from working all night and  visiting with papa, so she was tired, she fell asleep around 2pm, about the same time daddy left for at 6 pm she really did not want to have to get up to take me outside.  She grumbled and groaned and finally managed to get hers eyes open and took me out...AHHHHHH. She then took me in gave me a treat and said not to bother her for another 2 hours, see that's when she would be getting up to go to work,.... ahhh how was I to know she had to work tonight, it is her scheduled night off, I didn't know she had overtime?

She finally emerged from the bedroom at 9PM and was really not looking so hot, I mean mommy is always beautiful...she reads this blog and I need she is beautiful...oh where was I? Oh, that's right... she finally got up, and I gave her those big sad puppy dog eyes that say "I love you and I know you love me too"....she came over and gave me a pat on the head and kisses...ooohhhh kisses I love the kisses..oh yeah, so after kisses she took me back outside, and when we came in I got another treat....she forgave me for drinking all the water and waking her up, she is a very nice mommy....
     I hope this is the same story she told daddy if not, he is going to come home and say
" Riley did you wake your mother today? Do you know when you wake her, I have to listen to it, please, Ri-guy I'm begging you, don't wake mommy, she can get very grouchy with daddy when she doesn't sleep!"

Monday, May 18, 2009

ME, Riley, Ri_guy



Mommy and Daddy

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My ears!!!!

Annabelle is my sister as I have mentioned before, but have I mentioned her obsession with my ears? She won't leave them alone. She bites them, she chews on them, and if I am not moving fast enough for her she pulls them with her teeth, what is up with that? They are mine, I know they are big and floppy, but leave them alone!!!!! Go chew on a bone!!!!


I need more time before I know it the night is gone and I have twittered it away....I have to post adventures but I am addicted to twittering ...I actually call it "twoofering". 

Today mommy and daddy went hospital hopping, mommy said it was exhausting....they visited papa and Daddy's Grammy...happy to report all are doing well...mommy is going on her own adventure on Tuesday...."she is taking her platelets out for a spin." She is donating her platelets to papa so his platelet count will be higher for his surgery, I hope he will have very soon.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cookie Fairy her cookies are the best, she is my Cookie Fairy. She makes the bestest cookies and bagels, ohhh she made me a chocolate bagel, but daddy made me share with Annabelle.

So I get this package in the mail, oh i mean mommy gets a package in the mail and it is from, Lainey's mommy, cause mommy going to help her make a case you didn't know my mommy has a bag addiction. She has so many bags daddy calls her the "bag lady", however he never has to carry anything cause mommy has a bag for everything. where was I oh yeah...the package and bag she opens up the box and pulls out all this material, it is kind of cool, some is pink, some black and some have doggies on it. Between the material are COOKIES, COOKIES, & BAGELS oh my! Mommy lets me and Annabelle share a bagel, why can't we have the whole thing it is for us after all, right? mommy explains that she needs to test the waters as they say with Annabelle, she has a very sensitive tummy so we need to make sure she doesn't get luck would have it, she DIDN'T which means I HAVE to share the cookies and bagels with her, nice time for the tummy to work right, hummmppphhh. I am not happy about sharing but as they were a surprise I don't mind, MUCH. 
Thank you Cookie Fairy XOXO

Thursday, May 14, 2009

sad day

My daddy got some sad news today, his uncle Jimmy died in his sleep last night, he was just 45 years old. We don't know what happened, mommy thinks it was a heart attack. He was an organ donor so many people will benefit from his death, this is the bright side of things, for now we wait for answers.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I got an award...

The post below is a quick copy and paste cause I was in a hurry, but now I have a minute to say a very heartfelt Thank you so very much for my award, I love it and I feel so special. I never got one before so this really is something, oh I feel the love....ok I getting ahead of myself, but I really want to say thank you. 

So my mommy says I have to tell some funny adventure story's if I want to keep my Blog....
I love to go for rides wif mommy... I hear the word ride and I run and get my harness cause I can't get in the car wifout it...she locks me in to the seat belt so I no go flying all over da place, she a good mommy. So anyways mommy was going to get Apple Pie from burger King and she asked me If I wanted to go wif her, DUH??? Ride, of course, yeah we are going for a ride...oh sorry I get so excited by the mere mention of the word...ok where was I, oh yeah we are going for a ride to Burger King, so we gets there and mommy orders and we drive up to the window and the girl says to mommy that I am so handsome sitting  in the front seat all nice and well behaved, ah hello I have a seat belt on what else can I do, and my I remind you you have FOOD, and I am being a good boy, oh she noticed and asked mommy if I could have some chicken tenders...she said yes and so do I wif a big WOOF, I can understand hooman talk especially food talk, so I answer too. She gave me a whole order of chicken tenders, I got 6 of them, mommy told me I had to share wif Annabelle, why shes not here lets just pull the jeep over and chow down, she not need to know...mommy did not like this idea and insisted I share ok she didn't insist actually she wouldn't give me the tenders so I kinda had to share, mommy was holding the aces as it were my tenders, my tenders. I was the handsome well behaved puppy not Annabelle, why??? We got home and went inside and mommy made me sit for my tender and do you know what she did? she gave Annabelle the first one!!! I didn't even get the first one...they were mine. I shared reluctantly but I shared... I was a good puppy

Monday, May 11, 2009

The One Fine Blog Award! (my first one)

OH LOOK!!! I received this lovely blog award from Lainey!!  (   Its My FIRST award!! Thanks sooo much :O) My mommy has none, i got one before her I feel so special...hee hee(I fink I will pass on to mommy so she feels good)

Here's how it works: 1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. 2) Pass the award to up to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.!! Its My FIRST award!! Thanks sooo much :O)

All About Bruschi
Ariel's Adventures


I promise a funny adventure tomorrow...I was twoofering
(I twoffer, not tweet, I not a birdie)
too much tonight, stay tuned....

Tweet Grid

Tweet grid
... so i checked out this new thing called tweet grid, ok maybe it is not new to you but it is to me so go with it ok...anyway I like it, I can monitor mommy and all her tweeting and I can tweet at the same time, kinda like stalking, hee is nice too because all the twit pics come up right on he need to open new screen just to view a pic, and also you never miss one...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy's Day

Happy Mommy's Day!!!!
To all the mommy's out there
Happy Day

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ohhh the belly

Ohhh the belly is not felling so good today. My belly was grumbling all day, but my daddy gave me toast, I mean "wonder" toast and I feel much better. My daddy stayed with me all day so mommy had to go see Papa by herself...Sorry mommy, but I glad daddy got to stay with me, we cuddled. Annabelle was a nice sister and did not bother me today...phew! I couldn't have dealt with her today. I am feeling much better now and mommy has come home and we cuddled on the bed and she snuggled with me and that always makes me feel better.


I tells you a secret...shhh my mommy sleeps wif the TV on and I love it!!! Daddy hates it, so when mommy is home on her 2 nights off, I get to be lulled to sleep by the TV. Also it is good cover for stealing the Blackberry and tweeting...they can't hear the buttons if the TV is on, hee hee. I love to tweet on twitter, I on most nights from 11pm-6am est...I love the furry friends I meet, so if you are up stop by and say hi @Ri_guy hope to hear from you....
On a side note about the TV....daddy says he can't sleep wif it on but that is a LIE!!!!! He can too, I hear him snore. Mommy says he is being a baby about having the TV on because she says he sleeps all the time when they visit Papa and his TV is on, and daddy snoring. Also mommy says daddy sleeps in the car to and from Boston everyday and guess what; the radio is on, so daddy you a liar. You need to suck it up and let us have the TV on, you know it really doesn't bother you, you just giving mommy a hard time, now STOP IT!!! Mommy works hard and deserves to be able to sleep in a noisy bedroom if she chooses apparently you get to sleep during the day too.

Friday, May 8, 2009

new stuff...

Mommy made new friends and now is taking on a new adventure herself...she is making bags puppy themed, for doggie mommies...if interested comment and let her know...

Teachers Totes..Canvas totes...Dimensions: 14 1/2"wide x 16"high x 4" deep with a 21" handle and includes a front pocket for smaller items

Gift Totes ...100% Cotton Canvas Mini Gift Tote Bag 4 x 8 x 4 gusset

All have ribbon for personalization, can embroider, and silk screen if wanted...let us know. Price will depend on bag and work...way cheaper than most places advertise I promise and hand finished.


Ahh where do I start with Annabelle...she came to us because Mommy and daddy thought I needed a new gurl..Lily passed away due to complications of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (3 yrs after we became best buds) I would not eat, drink or play I just looked out the window for Lily, everyday! So mommy and daddy went to the local shelter and was just going to look, nothing else...ahh if they only knew what was in store for them... So they get there and begin to look in all the pens, they wanted a Boxer but knew the chances of that at a shelter were slim but they looked finally they get to pen 10 and there are 10 puppies in there all 10 weeks old brought up from West Virginia on the Hounds Bound Program, mommy saw one she liked and started to pet her and as daddy walked in a little girl named Haley went straight for him, no stopping, she climbed over everyone to get to him, as she arrived at his feel and calmly sat down and waited to be petted... daddy says it was love at first sight, he picked her up and showed mommy who too fell in love with her. The spent a few minutes with her and her brothers and sisters then decided to see her one on one in the back pen. They took her aside and played with her, daddy knew she was the one after he asked her "do you want to come home with us?" she let out the tiniest little bark as if to say yes, take me home...they did and she must have had the biggest grin on her face thinking.."suckers!!!!" She is a smart little girl, she knew mommy and daddy were the best human parents around, she knew going home with them meant living the high life, and that she does. So they renamed her Annabelle on the ride home, they stopped at PetCo and got her a few things, remember they were just going to look, so they didn't have puppy food and toys for her yet. She arrived home and we met, she climbed all over me and wanted to chew my ears, well it has been five years since that day and she STILL chews my ears geesh. I'd like to say it has been fun having her but, she growls at me all the time and never lets me get on mommy's bed, she thinks it is all hers, ahh no sister I was here first!!! Oh sorry where was I...she came home and we met, I'm not lying when I tell you what happened next...she peed on the floor in the living room and I went over and sniffed it and mommy told me to get out of there. I waited about 45 minutes and then I started barking, remember Lily taught me how, well I barked and barked and finally mommy asked if I wanted to go outside I said, well duh? So she and daddy put on our leashes and out we went... guess what happened...? I did not have to go, but Annabelle did, I was telling mommy that Annabelle needed to potty, I was such a good boy, mommy and daddy thanked me but they had no idea what else was in store....we went inside and got our treats for going outside and Annabelle and I cuddled on the floor and took a nap...about 2 hours later I woke up barking and Annabelle was still sleeping, mommy asked if I now needed to go outside..again DUH? so I woke up the sleeping Annabelle and we went outside and I peed and Annabelle pooped...see I am a good boy because to this day Annabelle has not had another accident in the house And I can always tell when she needs to go out, mommy says she was very lucky because the never had to house train her I did all myself...I am not kidding my mommy will tell you how lucky she is no accidents and no guessing as to when to take us out, I always tell her, sometimes I don't have to go, on these time mommy calls me MS, for moral support, but I always get a cookie.
Annabelle joining our family was a great addition, she got me out of my funk and I began to play, eat and run again, I still missed Lily, but i didn't want to miss out on what Annabelle next had up her sleeve. She is a very mischievous little girl, no tin a bad way but she can get into some trouble I tell you. She will take things off the counter, which mommy says is a bad thing but I don't think so cause I usually get to benefit from her naughtiness, hee hee, any ways...she thinks she runs the house, see I a lover not a fighter so I let her believe what she wants, I and mommy know the real truth. She loves me I know because they tell me she sits in the window and waits for me to come back from where ever I may have gone...she loves me, she really loves me. We are cuddlers I had to teach her because when she first came she didn't understand that it was ok to curl up next to mommy and daddy on the couch, love seat or bed...this is where all the cuddles, kisses and petting comes in, I taught her a little too well, cause now she thinks it is all about her and not me...again WRONG, I was here first!!!! She is a good gurrl and my newest best friend, I hear mommy say all the time over and over again " You are not what we were looking for, but you are exactly what we needed." Shelter puppies make the best family members.
....stay tuned for more ...i promise advventures...I will post a few later...stand by...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Testing mobile blogging


This is my best guuurrrl, Lily she was my bestest sister for 3 years. We did everything together, including getting in trouble. When she first came mommy put her in a crate and let me walk around to get to know her...oh wait a little back story on how we got her...First off mommy had a friend who ran a shelter and knew mommy wanted another Boxer so she called and said there was a Boxer up for adoption in Holyoke, Ma if we wanted her but she had to make a decision on the spot because they were going to put her down at 5pm, it was 3:30, so mommy said yes right away. Anne the nice lady at the shelter said she was leaving then to go get her. Anne called the shelter and said she was on her way, they told her she had till 5pm and not a minute later, not very nice she stepped on it. She made it there with only a few minutes to spare, but she was ours and on her way home. Her history was that she was bred for fighting, her teeth were filed down to the gum line and was found with a 100lb pulling harness on, so we were unsure of her temperament. So here we are back at the crate issue, mommy placed her in the crate and I was allowed to walk around it and get to know her and see how she behaved. Mommy left us in the room alone together and we growled and barked, after 15 minutes mommy didn't hear us anymore and came in to investigate...guess what she found...we were sound asleep next to each other back to back inside and outside of the crate. We were a perfect match, and remained that way. The next morning mommy had to go to work so she placed me in my crate and Lily in her crate, we could see each other but were on opposite sides of the room, Lily did not like this idea so she chewed her way out of the crate and met mommy at the door when she arrived home, imagine her surprise when she opened the door. This continued for 3 days, then mommy said she was running out of ideas to keep the metal crate together so she put us in the same crate, oh mine was huge, big enough for a Great Dane, you know what? Mommy never found Lily outside her crate again: all she wanted was to be with me. From that day forward we were inseparable, we did everything together. She taught me a few things too, like how to bark...I never barked before Lily came to live with me, never! Mommy wasn't even sure I knew how to bark, but I learned and I learned good. I can bark and BAROOO with the best of the Boxers I know. She also taught me how to get things off the counter, again I was very well behaved before Lily came. I loved her, she was my best the story of Annabelle

Story time

So I will tell you how I came to live wif mommy....
On day mommy was working at the boo boo wagon place..she calls it the ambulance company where she fixed up all the sick people, I just call it the boo boo place, anyways...she was hungry and decided to ask Boris the dispatcher if he was hungry too, she would take the boo boo wagon to get dinner, lucky for me he said yes, because that way mommy had to go back up and deliver his food...this is the part where it starts to get good...mommy goes and gets the food, they had pizza by the way, and she brings it up to them and they eat in the dispatch room which is usually off limits to the paramedics but it was after hours and mommy was always one to brake rules, but I digress...she was eating dinner when she mentioned she was looking to get a puppy. Boris asked what kind she was interested in, she told him, a Boxer and he just looked at her dumb founded...he said..I have a 4 month old Boxer who needs a home because I don't have the space or time for him are you interested? Mommy jumped at the chance...she said yes and it was all set I was going to go home with mommy the very next day, woot woot. Mommy went home and got the house ready for me...meaning she panicked , a puppy tomorrow, OMG what did I get my self into she asked, but she came into work and picked me up anyway not knowing what was ahead...we drove home together, it was along drive 45 minutes to be exact. Once home I was set to explore my new surroundings...first I noticed I had a huge back yard to play in and it was fenced in, woohoo...then I noticed Zeus, the black lab who lived next door..another woohoo. Mommy let me run for awhile and then it was time for bed, so I did what any Boxer would do...I crawled into bed with mommy and I have been there ever since. I loved my new home from the moment I arrived...I am a lucky puppy to have found such a good home.Mommy loves me unconditionally even when I am not always on my best behavior, but most of the time I am good. She takes really good care of me, but the best thing she did for me was get me a new sister, her name was Lily. More on Lily in the next story.....stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I has a new friend her name is Spider Monkey and she will be appearing in future posts....


My daddy wuvs to leave his Blackberry laying around at night usually it is on his pillow charging but I can't resist, I just got to have the Crackberry, I just gotta. I love to go on Twitter and tweet in the middle of the night, that is when all my furbuddies are on. We plan pawpawties and sometimes we share a barkarita or a good! Annabelle usually sleeps through the whole process, she is such a pawpawty pooper sometimes, she tells me she needs her beauty sleep. No really she just needs sleep or she is one grumpy puppy, go ahead and ask mommy she will tell you. So there you have the story of my Crackberry addiction, oh glad I got that off my chest, BAROOOO! I will write more stories later tonight I have a million of them....woof...


I ams on twitter and I wuvs it so much...I gets to talk to all of my furry friends whenever mommy weaves the Blackberry for a minute, which doesn't happin offen...But sometimes I get to it furst and post a tweet or two...I wuv all the replies I get, some are funnys and some are entertaining like the pawpawty I's know where to go for a nice barkiria or two...


Hello, My name is Riley the Boxer...I will write about all my adventures here, sometimes they will include my sister Annabelle, but not always as this is about me!!!
So stay tuned for the first adventure coming soon....