Monday, September 26, 2011

my paw

Mom had to work overtime this weekend and daddy was able to stay home wif us…..I got a boo boo today..I broke my dew claw on my front right paw, It doesn’t hurt and I iz not in any pain but mom was scared dat I had hurt meself, but I iz fine momma…no need to worry about me, I good. Daddy got to hang out wif me and da girls den he went and had a woot-an-nannie of a good time wif his parents. He brough mommy and da otter police officers lasagna, meatballs and rolls…dey loved it.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Mom sez we get to have a puppy party today because she is home wif us all day…. We iz going to play and go for a walk and just hang out because mom sez dat is all she wants to do wif us today. Daddy iz working dis aftanoon but he said afta sda dentist he is going to take me for a special daddy/son walkie….I wuv des walks. Mom sez we haz no plans for tomorrow either, just hanging wif da family, me mom, dad, Sandy, and Boo Boo…iz gonna be a great weekend. In other news mom iz going to have a  lot more long days ahead because she has lots and lots of every time coming up in October but all the time she spends at work iz taking a toll on her happiness, now don’t get me wrong mom loves her job and some of the people she works wif, but the long days away from us is really making some things lonely for mommy…and she is very lucky to have a job with great benefits and has and endless amount of overtime, she knows she should not complain and really she isn’t, she just needs to have enough energy left afta long today to hang wif us pups and maybe have a night out wif daddy and some friends…she needs to make sure she has a life outside of the police station…daddy scared the bageebees out of her last night….he was an hour late getting to mommy because his prison had a major count delay….meaning they thought one of da inmates had escaped, so everyone was locked down till they could get a good count…..finally they did get a good count and daddy was allowed to go home. No calls in or out of da prison, so mom was so scared she was really shaking in her booties. Mom really loves daddy and was truly scared, truly scared that something inside the prison had gone wrong…they are having a lot of riot issues lately, and mom was scared something had happened.Ok dis iz too heavy for one lil ole pup to bear so I iz gonna go and watch for mommy to come home…she should be arriving in 45 minutes….woohoo 45 minutes till da momma gets home…yippee!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I just haz to say I haz da bestest ever family,

dey treat me

 and my sissifurs better

dan most human children…

we are so loved

and well cared for itz unbelievable.

I just had to let everyone know dis….

Weekend plans

Good Morning, as it is very early that I iz pawing dis out….2:28am to be exact. Mom iz working and I iz on patrol and all iz quiet so I have nothing to report on that respect….Boo still haz yucky ear infections, and Sandy Beans iz her own lovable self. Daddy iz finally back at work, moms words not mine I love having daddy home but mom was so ready for him to be back at work because she really needed to get some sleep. Oh mom tried a new solution to her sleep issues today…she tried Dream Water and ya know what it worked, mom finally got some really good sleep. She slept for about 4 hours then woke up and played wif me for about 10 minutes then laid back down and went right back to sleep, this is huge as mom never falls back to sleep ever!.

Daddy says we iz going to have a whole day wif mommy on Saturday because he iz working overtime and mom haz da whole day off to play and play, daddy even said we could all go for a walk, I fink I iz going to the dog park…I really hope Boo can go too, but I think we might be taking sandy instead. Mom iz working her overtime on Sunday so we get daddy all to ourselves on Sunday, I fink dis iz gonna be a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mommy had the really nice dog sitter come back and walk us while they went to Boston to see da Red Sox place baseball…they did not fare well, the Red Sox lost, but mommy and daddy had a great time none the less. The pup sitter was so nice she came and walked us then she came back and fed us our dinner all the while telling mommy and daddy to enjoy their night out and not to rush home because we were well cared for and having fun wif da sitter..she iz so nice and oh I can get her to give me lots of treats but I fink she likes Sandy Beans da bestest out of all of us….I haz no idea why, I mean I am gorgeous and energetic, and Boo iz cuddly and loving , but der is sumfin about dat Sandy Beans dat everyone just falls in love wif… I fink everyone falls for her platinum hair…she is gorgeous, loving, cuddly and fun to just hang wif…I still fink I iz da bestest but whatever….grrr.

So der you haz my weekend….oh I forgot to mention Saturday mom and dad went out to a quick lunch wif a screw daddy works wif and his wife…its funny because mom and Tony’s wife haz da same name…MONIQUE, mom found dis very weird, anywhoo….as I said they went for a quick lunch and returned home 5 hours later…5hours!!! Not a very quick lunch if you ask me, but seeing as no one did I guess I really can’t complain, and I did get a walk, fresh water and food before they left so itz not all bad.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wicked Wild Women Weekend 2012

Mom haz just informed me dat she iz going on a Las Vegas “Girls Only Weekend” dis means one fing….par-tay wif daddy..woof woof woot woot….party in da house, I can tell you right now, mom will have a great time but it will be Sandy with the lampshade on her head here at dis party spot. Boo Boo will be da official greeter, if she no like you, then you are not coming to her party, and daddy, well he is going to love having all us pups to himself…insert sarcasm here, here and here….daddy loves us but we really do try his patience…a lot! Mom will come home and I can guarantee daddy will leave da house screaming for 5 minutes alone, no pups, no mom, no walking of pups and no barking…oh I can see disaster written all over dis…mom will live it up and daddy will try and survive da weekend. Did I mention mom iz going wif her BFF’s Tracy momma and da cookie fairy…no these are really peeps, although they sound mystical.


Wicked Wild Women Weekend

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sgt daddy

I wanted to take a quick minute to officially say dat I iz so very proud of me daddy, err I mean SARGEANT daddy as he iz now known at da prison….yup daddy officially made rank and iz now a sergeant…I iz a proud puppy.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Mommy sez I get to write a new post for my bloggie…hmmm what shall I write about? I could tell you that Boo Boo iz eating all her food and leaving none in da bowl, dis iz huge because she never wanted to finish her food before and mommy was scared she wasn’t getting enough food. I could tell you dat mommy and daddy seem to think this weekend would be the perfect time to try and reintegrate Sandy and Boo, so they are going to take them to a park to try and get to know each other again. (I really hope this works) I iz top dog in our house but please do not tell Boo this as she really thinks she is alpha dog….I don’t fink so. I iz really happy to have mom and dad home from der vacation, all iz right wif da world again. Dey keep saying dat dey are going back next year for another game, but itz a whole year away so I won’t worry about it just yet. Mom is not as thrilled as daddy iz to be going to the Red Sox game on Sunday…she would rather have a day off to spend at home wif us, but daddy says dey really need to try and get out more as they never do. Daddy says dey are home bodies and need to get a life outside the house, mom really like just being home wif us. Dad finks dey should explore da world around dem, I can help wif dat I know what channel da travel channel is, does dis help?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gator nation

So mommy and daddy decided to finally come home from Florida, and I got a really nice new collar and leash set, daddy says I iz a Gator Dog now…well what was I before? I guess I am now officially a member of Gator Nation. We had a great time with Deana our pup sitter, but it is nice to have mom and daddy home, and daddy is home all week because he is on vacation, mom iz working and I mean working a lot of overtime this week, like long 12 hour days…..did I mention I get to see my new BFF on Sunday because mom and daddy think they need to go see a Red Sox game in Boston, haven’t they done enough traveling? I know I know this game was planned way back in April so I guess I cannot complain, besides Deanna iz coming to play wif me, woohoo!!



Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I sent that letter off to my new dog walker...her reply was....we are going to PAR-TAY while mom and dad are away. I like the par-tay part but I know she is going to try and get in some exercise too. She seems kinda cool and I like her ideas to occupy our time while mom and dad are away, she is hoping to lessen our anxiety, I like her bunches....but no telling her, I have a reputation to uphold ya know.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dis is a letter to my new doggie sitter/walker…Deanna.

   I find you very nice, but we need to get a few things straight and we will have a wonderful experience together….

I iz KING puppy!

I rulez da house and I demand and will receive all treats I ask for.  
I get paid for letting you know which sissifur has to go out and do der business as in,
who needs to release da poop.
 Mom knows dis and daddy is learning dis, so I fink you and
I should just get dis little matter out of da way now…
ok, let’s review…
I iz KING pup and get lots of treats.
I would appreciate it if you would allow me play time wif Sandy Beans,
she and I are bestest buds, I wuv her. Annabelle is a whole otta story…
she likes me but I don’t fink she wuvs me much…
she barks at me all da time…
Mom knows I iz as gentle as dey come and I haz never growled at anyone, ever…I iz a good pup.
Now about dis walking fing …..I like it and I fink Boo could use some exercise,
she is getting a widdle chunky in da belly region if ya know what I mean….
Boo has a BOODA belly.
Mom mentioned she iz taking daddy away to Florida to see da Gators play…
why dey going to Florida to see gators play, all dey need to do iz turn on da Animal Planet channel
 and dey can watch dem all day…
I fink dey iz crazy, but dey have 3 pups so I know dey isz crazy, BOL.
We get to watch TV all day everyday….I prefer Nickelodeon, and Sandy likes da Disney channel,
dis iz very important to remember…
otta fings to remember…
I like my treats, Boo barks at everyone and Sandy is da cuddle muffin….
I will snuggle up wif you if you’d like, I iz da snuggle buggle.
I hope you find dis note useful, even if you remember nuffin from it remember one fing ok….



Friday, September 2, 2011

I haz been gone far to long....

OMDoggieness, I haz been gone from my bloggie far to long, but I comes back on a happy note....Papa had his annual heart transplant check up and he is good to go, NO REJECTION at all, he is healthy as a dey say.
Nuffing really big going on here except we got a puppy sitter because mom's mommy papa's wife fell down da stairs and broke a lot of bones so she is laid up for awhile and mom iz taking daddy on his very special burfday trip next week to Florida, so we got a new pupsitter...she is very nice and we all like her.
Mom is not excited to be going away, she no like flying and she really don't like football, dad is in for fun times. I will try and keep you updated but I may have to change da language a bit, mom can use some non puppy approved words.