Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mom Rocks...

Mom managed to figure out the wireless route now we are mobile in da house and I love dat we can all be in da same room again. Way to go mom, woot woot!...
Now for an update...I chewed moms NEW gloves dis morning....while she was trying to set up da new system...she is not happy wif me at all. Umm what else....oh I played wif Sandy and we behaved, so mom was happy but then well we all now know things managed top go way south from there. Uhoh dad is up and I fink she gonna tell him I was caught chewing fings again, oy....gotta go.......

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day..I hope you all have safe travels to and from your dinners

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Puppy Love

What??? Boo iz NOT my new chew toy?

OK I give her KISSES den, iz dat better?

Friday, November 19, 2010


Hello der ...Mom is giving me strick orders that if I do not blog at least every other day she iz going to give my blog away to the highest bidder...dat iz NOT fair!!!! I iz a very buzy pup you know, i haz lots to do in my never ending mis-adventures. I haz to make sure I bark every time someone enters the house, I haz to annoy daddy on a daily basis many, many times a day, I require numerous walks throughout the first half of the day, because we all know the second half is spent cuddling wif mommy and GAWD...don't get me started if that tart doesn't get enough sleep, PALLLESE! Anywhoozers back to my mis-adventures...I will more often than not have to go outside to do my business, and receive my treat...ok ok ok I can hear dad now.."You have to go out AGAIN?' No, actually if you just give me the treat we can skip the whole going outside for no reason business, but you don't seem to get that, so...outside we will go. Now if my dad was as smart as he claims to be, and yes he claims this often...he would pick up on the scam but NO, he has not figured it out so, as mom says " If he is dumb enough to get up, get dressed and put on shoes to take me out I am dumb enough to provide a trickle of pee and get my fee" Oh maybe I should note we as in ME run many a treat making scams in da house....the above mentioned scam is #1. Scam #2 is I go out and pee, then I go inside and wait a few minutes then continue to annoy daddy till he takes me out again to poop. Now this is considered a scam because ...I know I have to poop when I go out the first time BUT, I know if I go inside I get a treat...thus making the second trip outside a free follow up treat for doing da business. Daddy doesn't get that if he was PATIENT and stood outside for, oh I don't know ANOTHER minute I would have the URGE to go then and not feel the need to walk in da house and hang out for a minute then request a second trip outside.My misadventures usually stop right around 2pm EST time because if you follow me on twitter (@lilkingtitan) you would know 2pm is NAPPY-TIME for me and mom. Its our snuggle cuddle time and nothing gets in the way of a good nappy, unless mom has overtime then things well they always seem to go downhill fast on these iz a BEAST without sleep! This is not my opinion this iz FACT!!!! Go ask daddy he will tell you if mom doesn't get her sleep he would rather VOLUNTEER 8 hours at the prison, because there the beasts (inmates) are locked up where at home mom is FREE and usually, ok never a person you want to deal with....Michael Myers and Freddy Kruger have nothing on her. She kinda reminds me of Cujo.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog hopping

Ok I do admit I haz been too busy to write my own blog post dis morning because i haz be blog hopping on other pups blogs and lost track of time...OMD there are so hilarious blogs out there. I haz been laughing and i even shed a few tears, I haz said lots of prayers for my sick friends and had lots of praise for others. I love that i iz not the only bloggie doggie out der...check dem out ----->over der on da right are a few really good ones, from them you can blog hop over to more...oh look i will get you started try these two....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a mommy thing

Mom decided that she needed her own blog ( ) to vent, rant, and rave. She will Vent about everyday life (and fings I do to make her upsets), Rant about everything possible (if I knows her) and Rave about ME, ummm I mean us da pups.Go check her out, please....

"Mom are you happy now?" geesh...she made me give her space on my bloggie...I try and tell her dis is MY bloggie, no free PR...I demand cookies for dis kind of advertising...and da GOOD KIND!!!! Anyways...what has we been up to...well mom and daddy left me alone in da house 2 times now and I did not destroy nuffin, I was a good puppy, no chewing or damaging anyfin. Boo did a good job supervising and making sure I behaved. Oh i haz to confess....da otter night we were all sleeping even mommy was home and da new furnace kicked on...I never heard it before, cause like I said itz new...and I heard a noise coming from da radiator and I fout we were being invaded so i got up at 3:30am and started barking at it to make it stop clunking. Mom was not happy wif my scare tactics...she used a lot of four letter, oh my doggie ears will never  be da same again words. Daddy was not far behind in telling me, not so nicely I may add to zip it. After all da excitement died down and mom was breathing normally again I demanded to go outside, now I gotz to tell you at dis point, cause dey were oh so happy wif me; I fout dey might try and leave me out dere alone...but dey did not, phew cause itz cold outside.

Update...Boo haz clean uninfected ears!!!!! He ears look good and da cause of her infection...CHICKEN, can you believe it, da delicious I haz to have, it OMG chicken...kinda stinks now cause we don't get anymore