Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I got an award...

The post below is a quick copy and paste cause I was in a hurry, but now I have a minute to say a very heartfelt Thank you so very much for my award, I love it and I feel so special. I never got one before so this really is something, oh I feel the love....ok I getting ahead of myself, but I really want to say thank you. 

So my mommy says I have to tell some funny adventure story's if I want to keep my Blog....
I love to go for rides wif mommy... I hear the word ride and I run and get my harness cause I can't get in the car wifout it...she locks me in to the seat belt so I no go flying all over da place, she a good mommy. So anyways mommy was going to get Apple Pie from burger King and she asked me If I wanted to go wif her, DUH??? Ride, of course, yeah we are going for a ride...oh sorry I get so excited by the mere mention of the word...ok where was I, oh yeah we are going for a ride to Burger King, so we gets there and mommy orders and we drive up to the window and the girl says to mommy that I am so handsome sitting  in the front seat all nice and well behaved, ah hello I have a seat belt on what else can I do, and my I remind you you have FOOD, and I am being a good boy, oh she noticed and asked mommy if I could have some chicken tenders...she said yes and so do I wif a big WOOF, I can understand hooman talk especially food talk, so I answer too. She gave me a whole order of chicken tenders, I got 6 of them, mommy told me I had to share wif Annabelle, why shes not here lets just pull the jeep over and chow down, she not need to know...mommy did not like this idea and insisted I share ok she didn't insist actually she wouldn't give me the tenders so I kinda had to share, mommy was holding the aces as it were my tenders, my tenders. I was the handsome well behaved puppy not Annabelle, why??? We got home and went inside and mommy made me sit for my tender and do you know what she did? she gave Annabelle the first one!!! I didn't even get the first one...they were mine. I shared reluctantly but I shared... I was a good puppy

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