Thursday, July 29, 2010

Riley is HOME

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Bed

I iz on da big bed and I slept and I didn't chew NUFFIN'! Mom sayz I iz getting to be so big. Daddy and me go for walkies and I love to play wif Sandy, but mom keeps calling me a new name and I don't get it....she is calling me "hemorrhoid"...HUH??? She sayz itz cause I walk right behind daddy and I won't let him out of my sight. I try and tell her, I loves my daddy and I fink he is cool and I want to be just like him and go and do everything he I follow him EVERYWHERE he goes. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Riley is home...he now rests on his shelf right beside his sister Lilgurl.
Zaziart iz making a portrait for his wall to hang behind him...

Guess what I did today?????

I PEED on mommy! Yup when she wasn't looking and daddy was, I lifted my leg and let loose and daddy said "NUFFIN"! Dats right he just laughed and laughed, he finks I am a funny pup. Mom on da otter hand is not really impressed wif my antics dis week, I chewed her baby blanket and now I have gone and peed on her. Daddy tried to reason wif her saying " he is marking his mommy, telling all the other dogs in the neighborhood, you are HIS mommy and don't even think about coming any closer. I don't fink mom bought it....Papa said he would fix her baby blanket this week, so she loves me again....for now.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Mom sayz I am in da Doghouse and she does not see me getting out anytime soon. 
I may have accidentally CHEWED her baby blanket.
I said accidentally...its not like she found me wif it in my mouf, oh wait she did,
  I can explain..... I was moving it off da dresser and I kinda got it stuck on my toof and was pulling to get it free, really pulling.... but only to get it free, HONEST!!! you still love me???? 
I give you big sad puppy eyes.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Mom took her first yoga class today, she really liked it. She said it was an hour of nothingness. She really liked the whole stretch and relax part...she does this at home, i don't know why she thought she needed to go to the gym to relax. I help her relax all day...oh wait yelling "Titan?" is not relaxing...well she does it a lot so i thought she liked it, oops my bad. Boo is starting to eat more, fank goodness she was scaring for scaring mommy, we had tornado warnings at our house, we NEVER have tornado warnings, mom wouldn't let us go outside she said we would blow away like Toto did, ahhh who is Toto?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hello, Titan here.....We are doing as well as can be expected. Mom is getting better and daddy is too...I keep them loaded up in da kisses department, I giving enough for two, (me and da Riguy) Annabelle is grieving big time, she haz been vomiting, but I think she will be ok soon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Riley's GuestBook

Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm sorry to write Riley crossed over Rainbow Bridge yesterday morning, he had a seizure then was diagnosed with fluid on his heart, his mommy and daddy are very sad. I, Titan will be taking over his blog so we can continue to share our misadventures the way Riley would have now we are going to call it the Terrible Tagliavia Mis-Adventures.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hi I iz still here I just don't get much 'puter time sayz dat is going to be fixed real soon cause i have lotz to tell. Just wanted to stop and and say my eye is doing great, mom sayz i iz as handsome as ever so dat is good to hear. 
Mom and daddy haz to go into Boston dis week to Fenway Bark, oh i mean Park...i fink dis is where daddy said he is going to see da Green Monsta...why in da heck would he want to see a green monsta, he iz weird, but oh well he'z my dad. Mom sayz she is excited to go because this is da one time dey get to go to da ballpark and sit in REALLY expensive seats and enjoy a double header...ahhh I don't fink i like the sound of dat? Double header? Doez dat mean you will be gone ALL DAY??? oh well dat means Auntie Erin and Papa will come and visit wif us and take us out to...well you know what we do outside i don't have to paint a picture for you, right?

dis is me afta along nap, i needed another one, hehehehe
here is Titan, he is getting so big and uhhmmm BAD!!! he chews everything, but we love him.
me Titan and Sandy hanging out under daddy's chair