Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cookie Fairy her cookies are the best, she is my Cookie Fairy. She makes the bestest cookies and bagels, ohhh she made me a chocolate bagel, but daddy made me share with Annabelle.

So I get this package in the mail, oh i mean mommy gets a package in the mail and it is from, Lainey's mommy, cause mommy going to help her make a case you didn't know my mommy has a bag addiction. She has so many bags daddy calls her the "bag lady", however he never has to carry anything cause mommy has a bag for everything. where was I oh yeah...the package and bag she opens up the box and pulls out all this material, it is kind of cool, some is pink, some black and some have doggies on it. Between the material are COOKIES, COOKIES, & BAGELS oh my! Mommy lets me and Annabelle share a bagel, why can't we have the whole thing it is for us after all, right? mommy explains that she needs to test the waters as they say with Annabelle, she has a very sensitive tummy so we need to make sure she doesn't get luck would have it, she DIDN'T which means I HAVE to share the cookies and bagels with her, nice time for the tummy to work right, hummmppphhh. I am not happy about sharing but as they were a surprise I don't mind, MUCH. 
Thank you Cookie Fairy XOXO

2 PAWments:

I am Lainey ...Sister is Chloe .. said...

HAHAH Oh Riley....If you run out I will send you more :O) and sorry about the sister and the tummy thing....we all have our crosses in life to bear! XOXO HoOOoWwwLWwL

Rufus, Indie (and Anita) said...

Hi Riley! We never tried a bagel but sounds delicious! Grandma as a bag addiction too!:)
Sweet kisses
Rufus and Indie