Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some good news

Momma and daddy finally got some good news, the refinancing finally came through....its only been 7 months in waiting but mom says this is huge and a huge weight off her shoulders, momma was actually in a good mood this afternoon, that is until she remembered she had to work overtime tomorrow during the day, her sleeping time.....she is so not happy about this, momma loves her sleep.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Mom enough with da camera already...we are trying to nap on a cold snow afternoon..... put the camera down, walk away.....

Weekend off

Mom has the weekend off and is allowing me to use her xoomie to post some pictures she took of me and how easy it was to edit them on the xoomie.... have I mentioned I love this thingy... so cool and fun and functional for a pup like me.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Mommy's Motorola Xoom got the new ice cream sandwich 4.0 OS tonight so far she really really likes it however as all things go it will take time to see the advantages and disadvantages to the new system, so far no issues, and the auto correct or spell check is doing a fine job of not embarrassing me....yet!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Mom and daddy both had to go back to work  today, so I iz da man of da house, I iz on patrol. Mom saz I iz a very good patrol officer but Boo is better, she barks at everything, I only bark if dey get too close to da house, Boo barks if dey can be seen. Mom likes dat Boo iz like dis because she never has to worry about someone coming in the house without proper invitation. I will bark and advise of the situation to mom….dad iz not as happy wif dis plan, he like quiet time morning noon and night, but he does like the protection factor if he is not home, its him being home he does not like all da barking. I tell him I iz practicing. Daddy decided to not take da day position at da prison, so he will remain on his 3x11 shift which really makes mommy happy, she likes having da mornings together to hang out and spend time together. I like it too…I can cuddle wif dem till daddy goes to work den I get mom all to myself and we get to snuggle for hours till she leaves for work. Mom says dey has plans coming up dis week and we are going to be let on our own for a couple of hours, they never go anywhere so dis is huge, finally dey are getting out and having some fun, I don’t know exactly what they are going to be doing but, mom seems excited about it. Mom got her hair done today I told her she looks snazzy, dad said she looked girly…and wants to retire her elastic….no more ponytails except when she is running, mom hair was always up, who knew it was this long….I can chew it now it is so long,hehehee.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mom and dad are having fun ....without me

Mom and daddy are out and about having fun and I am never invited. They spend a lot of time at the gym, mom takes like 5/6 bike classes a week, something about having a big butt and the need to make it smaller. Dad says he goes to get big muscles, but mom says the only muscle he is working is his jaw because he talks to everyone in the gym, mom calls him a social butterfly, he knows everyone. They are even spending time with the doggie walker, she was supposed to be ours not hers, oy....le sigh si bark. I guess I'm going to have ti step up my game and request more attention and treats. Oh and speaking of has put her foot down on the whole going out 3 times and getting 3 treats now mom says we get one treat when we go out, if we do not finish and require subsequent trips outside we are no longer getting more treats ....her new motto is one and done whether we are done or not. I don't think this is fair, I has tried protesting but so far she is holding her ground something about the whole treat budget was getting to be more than the national debt....I don't think so, momma.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Mom iz back on her regular work schedule (midnights)and we are back to sleeping at night wif daddy and all day long wif mommy, I love this schedule…ahh the naps are good for me, however they do nuffin for Boo’s wonderful glowing disposition, lol. Sandy went to the groomers and I must admit she looks PAWsome, she is so cute all trimmed up, no more troll doll for her….the hair on her head gets out of control and looks like a troll doll head….haha, mom sayz dat not nice but I say…I iz a trooff speaking puppah, deal woman…..ok I don’t really say dat because you know she is da momma wif da treats and I do like my treats, so I haz a wonderful mommy.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year to all my Anipals…..I hope 2012 is a great year for you and your families. We are going to be having a few changes coming up in the new year, mom is staying on midnights and we are hoping daddy is going to the day shift, meaning we would get to sleep in with mommy in the morning and then daddy would be moment share the night time fun wif us. We love dat dey work opposite schedules so dat we are never alone for long periods of time. Mom promises we will get to see our Auntie Deanna more this year as dey want to take off for some staycations, so dat means we get to see our favorite dog walker more and more dis year. Mom and daddy are going back to Florida dis year for another football game and dey are hoping to catch up wif my momma Tracy and moms nephew and great nephew JP and Zack….Dey have a few other sporting event covered and a concert dat mom is dragging daddy to and believe me it will be dragging kicking and screaming because it is a country concert and dad would rather gouge his eyes out than have to listen to that ear bleeding music. So in closing I hope nothing but happiness and blessings for all my anipals and families for 2012…now let’s get this year going….mom…I need to see the calendar…I have some events of my own to schedule…thank you.