Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here are a few new pic of the house mom took today after they were finished cleaning. it looks like a whole new house and we are moving in in 2 days...woohoo moving day! Daddy was very surprised mommy cleaned most by herself, daddy was impressed!


Friday, October 23, 2009


Mom wanted me to check in and say hi it everyone and let you know we have been very busy getting things done over at the new house. Grammy and grampy moved out today and they are officially moved into their assisted living apartment. Mom and dad will begin moving in tomorrow morning after susan gets everything out of the house and into the dumpster. Mom has a lot of work ahead of her and she is doing it all alone, just her and one wants to help and no one has offered either, oh well this is not the first thing they will do alone. I would help but mom says no way in puppiville are the dogs allowed to help. What could be better than 4 puppies helping you move? I will write more later mom says its nappy time and who am I to argue...bye.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We are packing up and getting ready to move...We are moving on Halloween!!!! Mom says our first night in the new house will be on Halloween..oh I iz so excited I can not wait. We will not have any trick or treaters cause mommy sayz we live too far off the road, but thats ok cause we be in our new house. So forgive me if i no post too much I iz a packing puppy, I must make sure all my toys get to the new house and nothing is left behind.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I just spoke wif mom and she is not happy....
da white stuff is falling, da white stuff is falling...
dat wiould be snow...
snow? it's too early for da snow to be falling

Thursday, October 15, 2009

new house and stuff

Mommy wants me to tell you that we should be in the new house in about 10 days or so. Mommy is hoping really hard that we can get in soon because she saw something on TV she was none too happy about...she saw snow in the forecast, snow!!! My ten year old bones are not happy about the weather either but what's a pup to do???? Cuddle under a blanket that is what I am going to do. Mommy will see to it I am covered and warm, toasty oasty. Titan on the other hand will come over and steal them away, I know that little rascal. He lost his tooth yesterday...Mom found it in the kitchen. Mom says she will save it, for what it is a tooth, you gonna collect all of them and make a necklace?? Yeah I didn't think so. Mom says we are getting our own room in the new house, I am so excited, I can hardly contain my butt wiggles. I am going to officially meet Sandy my new sister this weekend...Annabelle is going to meet her too, I really hope she likes her, cause she doesn't really have a choice. Mom says this is gonna work or someone is going on ICE status...prison term and trust me it is not a good thing.....ICE stands for isolation status, ugh!

Mom is in Boston wif Papa this morning cause he had to go and have his routine biopsy done for his new heart to make sure there are no signs of rejection. Mom gave platelets while she was there...they asked her :"Are these direct donation to your dad?" Her reply..."No, anyone who wants them can have them, I'm done with them."....she is so sarcastic sometimes but I guess it runs in the family or maybe she is sarcastic and now Papa is too because he got her blood, hmmm? Makes a puppy wonder???? Mommy making Papa sarcastic...I could see that happening, she can be overbearing at times, BOL.... OH? Hi mom *waving* i forgot you stop in and read this on occasion...hehehe i woof you....*boxer where was I?Oh i was telling you about papa, he is doing great and walking more and more everyday, and doing laundry, BOL...what is it with the men in this family...y'all do laundry, don't even think this manly pup is going to help...I will accompany you to the washer, but I am not touching that laundry detergent it smells fru fru....Hi papa you not fru fru just the laundry stuff...I know you are stalking me again and seeing what I am up to...nothing much just wasting time....

Saturday, October 10, 2009


HI, I know you are there looking to see if I wrote anything today...surprise I did.....I have a few more pictures of the house....
you know I'm talking to you right..PAPA?
Hi everyone, my papa, you know the one wif da new heart keeps stalking my blog but refuses to leave a comment but he calls mom and tells her what he thinks....
I think I have been writing enough about him that he should
"PUP UP" and say hello....
PAPA did you hear me? I know you are reading this...
so here are the new pics
Back yard
more of da says dos stix are going in da wood burning stove to keep me
warm and toasty
da garage...can you see what mom is so excited about, I'll give you a's orange!!!!
I cut most of it off, not only is mom getting a garage dey are getting a new SNOWBLOWER too...we live in snow country so this means no more shoveling for mommy, she happy bout dat.
More backyard photos behind da house
Garage shot...I fink daddy & sandy got cut off, oops...
I have to work on my photo skilz...sorry daddy, hehehehe
Mom says "Doesn't my Jeep look good there?"

????? Papa ?????
Did ya notice mom left out "GOOD" pictures of the driveway????
Ahhh, how do I say dis......ummm it is on a
sssllliiiggGGHHHTTT incline,
but not too much, really you will hardly notice it at all....
nothing really, I double paw promise XX

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is my new sister Sandy!!! She lives in the new house already, so I know she will show me all the good hiding places, oh and I hope she is nice and shows me where the boundary line for the invisible fence is, cause...sometimes I can be a dopey doggie and I don't want to get ZAPPED!!!!

We ARE most definately moving

Here are some pictures, please excuse the mess they are now getting ready to move too...

This is Sandy, gramy's gurl who is now our new puppy..she is a 2yr old "Golden Doodle"
this is the living room w/beautiful hard wood floors fridge it is staying!!!!
other side of kitchen across from fridge
Rest of kitchen, table and hutch are staying
Side yard
back of house and some yard
long driveway going down to the main road
4 season porch, now known as the MEDIA ROOM, this is the room we will be in most
Brian's room, oh I mean laundry room, with a nice BIG slop sink...he can have it, i don't do laundry
front yard
side and some back yard
driveway leading to house
driveway and turn around
picture of garage
part of back yard to the left
back yard to the right
tried to get a whole picture of kitchen, oh well i tried
new furnace and wood burning stove...we have OIL, yuck!!!!
this is one cabinet, they all slide out, how cool?
4 season room and garage

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Could we be moving????

My mom tells me, I may be moving. I am happy about this, I think.....Mom says the house is HUGE compared to the one we have now...right now we live in a small 2 bedroom 936 sq foot house, its cute and quaint. The new house is...2500 sq feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a formal living room, 4 season room, laundry room (for daddy) 2 car garage, full finished basement and a HUGE kitchen for mommy, HUGE!!!! Not only do we get the new house but the yard is 3 acres and has invisible fence so we can run free. Oh and we are getting a new sister of sorts...we are adopting SANDY gurl, she is Grammy and Grampy's puppy. We promised to love her and care for her so they can visit anytime and see their baby gurl.

Friday, October 2, 2009

update 9/29/09

Papa had his 4 week biopsy and the results were NEGATIVE!!!! No signs of rejection!!!!! His anti rejection meds are decreasing with every appointment, because of his wonderful results. We are overjoyed that all is going so well for him. He has been upgraded to a biopsy every 2 weeks now, yeah!!!! Mom loves this news because she gets 2 whole weeks w/o going to Boston!!!! This makes her very happy...daddy too.