Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mom is back to work

Momma is back to working her midnight shift for the next 3 nights which means I don't have to share da bed wif her and daddy and Boo  Boo. It was getting crowded in der. What mom is off again for 10 more nights, oh no I do not like this, not one bit....oh hells to the no!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

gramma's surgery

Mom and daddy are off to keep papa company today while mom's mom my grammy has shoulder says papa is really grumpy and not in a good mood at all, which causes everyone even more stress....oh joy. Mom is hanging out and hoping all goes well and grammy gets to go home this weekend. I on da otter hand is hanging wif da Boo Boo who is really not enjoying the construction going on next door, we are hopeful this is the last 2 days of dis noise and shaking....i mean it has to stop sometime right? I iz all done wif da shaka shaka head is bobbling.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hello, sorry I haz been missing lately, mom haz been keeping me busy wif all da construction going on next door. She likes to have me engage in play wif Annabelle to keep her from chewing off the rest of her paw pad. She is noy handling the construction well at all, Sandy has been great through it all. Mom has been spending lots of cuddle time wif da Beans, she is loving it and she really liked her birthday presents, she got a new chewie and a new blanket for her loveseat, she is spoiled and she knows it. I fink dat it is ok dat she is spoiled, mom and daddy just love her to pieces. Hopefully da construction will be complete this week and Boo will finally settle down into her happy little world again. Mom is working some really crazy overtime this week but afta Friday she is on vacation for 12 days so it is all good in da hood as she puts it. Oh and my gremmie (moms mom) is having surgery on Thursday to fix her damaged rotator cuff, dis does not bode well for papa.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hello, just a quick note as to some of the fun things mom and dad have planned for the upcoming month….mom is only working 7 whole days this month and daddy has a whole bunch of days off too….meaning I get to have lots of cuddle time if da family…I love days like dat. Mom says there is a special day dis month where we get presents and asked me to write out my Christmas list….hmmm what should I ask for….dddy got da Ipad, so of course I want the Ipup…ya know I iz a bloggie doggie…that would make fings so much easier for me…touch da screen as opposed to the keyboard…hmmm what else is der a pup like me could ask for….I will think about dis some more and get back to yous….