Thursday, March 31, 2011


Happy 6th Anniversary 
 mom and daddy....

I woof you so much!!!!

Monday...Not a fun day

Mom and daddy volunteer their time every Monday to the local school and serve lunch to the elementary students.....
This Monday started off as any other Monday..then came the stairs.....dun dun dun...
Mom slipped on sand and hurted her ankle really bad. She can't drive or put weight on it for 2 weeks and cannot run for 6 weeks, dis does not make for a happy mommy at all...she is miserable and pissed...umm I mean very angry. Dad was not pleased to see mommy sitting on da ground and knew when she didn't get up it was bad....da nurse at da ER took off moms shoe and said " oh, that doesn't look good at all, lets get you right to
 x-ray" Mom knew things were going down hill fast at the comment. Mom HATES her crutches, she despises dem. Thankfully I iz giving her lots of snuggles to make her feel better, she really like dat, specially when my thumping tail lands on her ankle...she really loves dat...not so much!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

mom has way too much time on her hands.....

Delete Cookies? NOOOOOOO!!


Mom loves to use her four square.....
Stop Checking In, Robin

Papa Update

Mom took papa to the hospital for his biopsy and it was NEGATIVE!!! Woot woot dis means der is NO rejection to his new cool is dat? So papa got a clean bill of health from his transplant doctors. Dey don't go back now until September for his 2 year checkup. Woohoo!!!!!


There was a whole lot of nuffin going on toady. Daddy did not have overtime at da prison so he was home all day, which allowed mommy to get some much needed sleeps. She was very cranky dis morning, but she was better after getting in her sleeps. Daddy on the other hand played wif us all day. I got to play wif bof Boo and Sandy. Oh on a quick update....Boo is feeling much better, her paw is healing nicely and she actually engaged in and initiated was so relieved to see her playing again....and it was friendly play too, she did not try and eat me, not even once. Me and Sandy always play nice, however we like to get really physical and knock dad's 'puter off da coffee table....but mom didn't hear any yelling so we did not do that today.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Paddy's Day

Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!!

Did we were green? NO! 
Did we partake in green beer? NO!
Did we go to the vet? YES!!!!
Boo has an owie on her paw and mom was very worried it wasn't going to heal and/or it was going to get infected. The vet was very nice and said it was clean and healthy, no signs of infection. She did give mom a very powerful cayenne pepper no lick medicine to put on it to actually keep her from licking her owie, 
so far it is working nicely, no licking all day. 
Boo waiting her turn at da vet....
Boo Boo and her daddy.....
Boo at da vet
Boo Boo at the vet....anxiety has set in.
I will keep you updated as things develop...or hopefully DON'T develop!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Mom has been sick now for about 8 days...Papa says it needs to run its course so she should be better in about a day or two....she is going to the gym everyday hoping to sweat out the yuckiness but its not working so I iz going to try a new tactic ...I iz going to cuddle and snuggle wif her because I know my snugginess will make her feelz all better. I am da bestest snuggliest pup der iz, and I just know I can make her feel better, now I just need daddy to get out of my way and works my magic...I will keep you updated as to my progress...she should be better in no goes nuffin.....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not a Happy mommy

Mommy works midnights and would enjoy getting 8 hours of sleep a night, however she settles for sometimes 4 maybe 5 hours. She really gets angry when Boo decides to bark her fool head for no apparent  reason...(I may or may not have joined her in da barking cause I fout we was protecting da house) was not pleased,moved or happy wif dis decision.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I was CRATED!!!!!

Mom went to the Bruins Game tonight with daddy and Bryan….
before the game they went to Boston Burger Company for dinner. Normally they don’t eat like this but it ws a night out in Boston and they had prepared for the dinner …as in all the damn workouts they have been putting in all week...
(resulting in more crate time)
Mom enjoyed and I do mean she throughly enjoyed her “Artery Clogger Burger” a deep fried burger with bacon, and cheese…yum-deli-iscious!
Daddy had the Hawaiian Bruger…burger,ham,pineapple and teriayki sauce
Bryan had “The King Burger”…burger with peanut butter, bacon and fried bananas…
he loved it, said the combination was delicious.
They also shared the most delicious basket of garlic parmasean cheese fries…scrumptious!

Wanna know what they brought me home????

That's right NUFFIN, but daddy did make us some nice hamburger to sprinkle over our may or may not have made up for the epic failure to bring us home sumfin...I hasn't decided yet, maybe a munchkin or 6 will satisfy me...HMM???