Thursday, May 28, 2009

my day

Let me tell you how I spent my Memorial started off great snuggling in bed wif momma and daddy, this is a very rare occasion because mommy works midnights and she was not working, so we got to have her all to ourselves. Although daddy did try and send mommy to work, he likes having the whole bed to himself, oh and us puppies too. He is always trying to send mommy to work on her nights off, I don't get it, snuggling is good. Anyways where was I, oh yeah, we were snuggling in bed and mom decides she will take us outside and give the grouchy daddy the morning off of outside duty, ha ha I make a funny duty and we are going outside for ...duty, get it ha ha ha. Okay where was I again, oh that's right we went outside and came in and had a special treat. We got to have berryblue muffins for breakfast, yummy. After our wonderful breakfast we returned to bed for more lovings from mom and dad, then dad decided it was time to get up and get on with the day. He took us out again, and they left! They left, that's it just a quick good bye and they were gone. Momma did mentioned something about not being gone long, and having to visit Papa. So this is where the fun begins.....Annabelle is asleep on the couch, I walk over, climb on the couch and sit down right on top of her, I figure she will move right? Wrong! She stays where she is, so now I have to move because she is way to lumpy. I move over to the love seat and take a nap, only to woken up to Annabelle howling, hey sister, who does that in the middle of the day, shut up!!!! She does not listen, this goes on forever, really it was maybe 1 minute but dude I'm old, I almost 10, I need my sleep, come on now. Finally she is quiet and I go back to sleep. Sleep, what the ???? Those are my ears, you can not, I repeat you can not have them. She was tugging on my ears, apparently I was in her spot, because as soon as I get off the love seat she climbs up and lays down. Whatever, I will go lay on the big bed, the one wif all them pillows. On my way I decide I might as well get a drink to go, I head off to the spare room where mom keeps the water, ahhh ohhh, hey get out of here, she is butting into my water time and space. I tell her that she needs to share, and she looks at me like I have 3 heads, and continues to drink...I wait patiently the good boy that I am, I get to the bowl and it is empty. That's ok, I was done drinking anyways. I jump on the bed and get as comfortable as I can and she jumps up and decides it is the perfect spot and time to chew a Nyla bone...cripes am I ever going to get peace from her? She is done chewing after a few minutes and goes to sleep, ahh the tranquility of sleep. Car??? Is that my moms car in the driveway? I run to inspect, yippy it is mommy and daddy. They are home from who knows where doing god knows what. Mommy has something in her hand, is it food? Can I have it? I wait and wiggle; you know the Boxer wiggle where my butt literally meets my head, I look like a kidney bean....they were home and brought CHICKEN! I love chicken. Mommy gave us each some in our dishes, they walked us and again we all snuggled into bed, but not before daddy asked mommy if she wouldn't rather go to work, she said no and hugged me close and off to sleep we went....daddy says it was the worst nights sleep ever cause mommy was in bed, hee hee.

2 PAWments:

ZackRabbit said...

Oh Riley! You are such a great story teller!! haha..I was laughing reading your blog!! You are so good to your sister, I hope you mom sees this blog and know what you do during the day!! *hugs to you* .. I know what it's like trying to do something and having other bunnies take it from you!! (well, in your case, dogs) sending love!

Anonymous said...

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