Monday, February 28, 2011

Dad is da man...

Omg dad is da man, he managed to get us out from under all da snow we got yesterday in record time. Mom loves da snow but dad has just about had it and if I had to guess he is rather PO 'd about it right now.
In other news I is going back to the crate on Saturday because somehow daddy managed to score and extra Boston Bruins ticket so now mommy iz going to the game too.....hey lady I no like da crate so why not stay HOME!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

3 days

Da mommy haz 3 whole days off to snuggle and cuddle wif us....she haz Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, woot woot.
 Sandy haz gone off to her spa day..she getting a mani/pedi, cut and dry..she loves her pampering day.
Boo is having a lazy day and I am, well driving my mom crazy...I love to drive her nuts.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My bloggie friend Ebby had a not nice experience getting her nails clipped yesterday, she bled. I feel so bad for her because I remember when my Boo had a bad nail clipping experience and she bled, to this day she won't go near the place that hurt her. She now goes to PetSmart and gets her mani/pedi there (nail filing,no clipping). She loves the people and da pampering...she gets her nails done, ears cleaned, teeth brushed and when finished they give her a squirt of doggy perfume, she comes home happy and smelling good.
So I is sending hugs, cuddles and snuggles to my furend Ebby to heal quickly.
....Ebby tell Bruschi to share his treats wif you, you deserve extra ones for pain and suffering...maybe a prime spot on da new King size bed.

daddy ...

Daddy is turning 40 in June and mom wants to take him on a little getaway....We need suggestions people...where to go, what to do....and NO we are not going with them, sumfin about dis being 2 legged adventure. Mom was thinking about going to Florida for a weekend getaway to see the Tampa Bay Rays and Red Sox play baseball in July...or out to Las Vegas or oh she has no clue and is looking for so helpful ideas.Can you help us, thanks.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not much

Not much haz been going on here...really nuffin exciting anyways. Mom is working and taking care of us during da day and daddy haz us at night ...daddy worked overtime all weekend sumfin about wanting da new Dyson Animal-ball Vacuum..ahh dads we has a Dyson Animal Vacuum...why you want another one. Oh dis one is 6 years old and needs to be referred to as "da back up" oh now I getz it...*shanking head. So he working overtime to pay for it so he doesn't haz to use house money. Mom had da weekend off and dat meant she was home at night in da big bed...i love you mom but you should not be allowed to sleep in da big bed when daddy and Boo are also in it cause I get pushed, growled and made to sleep on da doggy bed on da floor..I DON"T LIKE need to only sleep during da day when Boo doesn't get territorial about you and da bed!!!! I hate da floor. 

Friday, February 18, 2011


Did I scare you??? No its da good kind of blood...mommy gave hers away as in donated her blood to help save a life. Now I fink mom is wonderful and pretty special for donating her blood to save ottas but what I didn't know was mom has signed us pups up to be Blood donors too. Ahh mom, has you seen da needle dey are going to use on your precious pooch? Da fing iz HUGE! So we are going to be blood donors to help pups in our area...we donate every 4 months and as our incentive ...we get free vaccinations and annual check ups. (mom kinda likes dis bonus)
Not me but you get the idea....he's a hero too

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mom vs daddy

Mom vs Daddy the showdown

*Mom lets us get away wif nuffin, nuffin I tell ya...she has eyes in da back of her head
*Mom is amazing at getting us to comply wif her demands wifout da likes of cookies, no she has da "LOOK"
*Mom gives us treats when earned, not just because we want one
*Mom loves us unconditionally, as she proved when I chewed her blankey
*Mom gets mad at times but gets over it quickly (most of da time)
*Mom is our bestest furend
*Mom gives us hugs and kisses ALL DAY LONG!!!!

*Daddy gives in to our every demand, no not making this up
*Daddy gives us cookies every time we go outside, we may or may not be playing him to get MORE cookies
*Daddy loves us but gets annoyed by the amount of times we go outside...especially in the snowy frozen tundra we apparently moved to
*Daddy gives us hugs and kisses when he thinks mom isn't looking because he needs to appear MANLY
*Daddy spoils us rotten when mom is not around
*Daddy is King, hahahaha even I had to laugh as I pawed it, hhahahaha
*Daddy won't admit it, but we get away wif everything on his watch, shh no tell mommy

So there you have it, each has der good/bad points...who wins you decide....????

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Riley is HOME!!!!


Riley came home in a whole new way had his paw print made into a bead for her Chamilia bracelet and it is gorgeous. She could not have asked for a more perfect gift. She had it made at     They do beautiful work beginning with the packaging....

the mail box it arrived in....

the next box...

this was found inside

this was found inside further.....

the wait is over.....
The Riley side

with the rest of the charms...complete, he is HOME!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl

Mom dis all da cooking or da Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl today...she made a delicious pepperoni Stromboli and some Mexican turkey nachos and chilled sa shrimp for daddy's shrimp cocktail. It was delicious what I gotz of it, which let me tell you was not much.All in all it was a good game wif great slept fru da whole game, somefin about having to work after da game, but oh guess what she is off on Monday and Tuesday dis week so I getz to have her all to myself,well I will share her wif SandyBeans and BooBoo...but daddy iz worken so she iz all ours...dat is until daddy getz home, love you daddy.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

hello to more snow

Mom is not happy she said something tonight about getting even more snow in da morning. She and daddy I fink have had just about enough of da white stuff, me on da otta hand loves dis stuff. I love to play and jump and just,... well be a pup.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Snow....da after

more snow...da before


I have pictures of the snow storm, what I don't have is a mommy who wants to post she would rather be sleeping, and boy does she need her sleep. Mom is back on her days working which means "let da woman SLEEP!" she is miserable to deal with if she does not get her beauty sleep. Oh hi mommy, I woof you.....anyway i should have the pictures up in a day or two. Mom and daddy are getting their taxes done tomorrow and let me show you 2 fings dey said dey are getting wif der refunds...

da new Bob o pedic bed for my sleeping comfort...I may let the dem on, sometimes
and da new dryer...nothing fancy...
GE 6 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer (White on White)
Mom says she is done with paint cans.....PAINT CANS you ask? You see the dryer on/off push button broke about 3 yrs ago and well mom is cheap...they said it would cost about $150 to fix, mom said thanks but NO!!! So she is really smart...she took a full paint can and placed it against the button to keep the dryer on, then when an hour was up she would go and remove the paint can and take out the dry clothes, however nice as this solution is it has its drawbacks... the main one being....the dryer would run forever until you removed the paint can, and as we have noticed mom likes or needs her sleep so a couple of times she may or may not have fallen asleep with the dryer on only to wake 6 hours later with it still running....she is done with this now and is going to invest in a new LOVES this idea...National Grid, our electric company I am guessing is not going to LOVE this idea as we will be sending them less money for less energy used.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Mom is not happy and daddy is downright pitted off..(mom sez no bad words, so deal wif pitted off) We iz getting about 25+ inches of snow over the next 48 hours she really not happy about dis. I will make her take pictures so dat i can document it here on my bloggie...The great Blizzard of 2011 ... I will have pictures up later...for now know mom iz crying in her WW coffee cake....BTW these things are delicious...oh I mean they look delicious because lordy knows I do not get tasty treats anymore cause mom says diet food is limited to her and her only....little does she know dad slips me a bite or two every now and then, and they are PUPPERLICIOUS.