Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my day...the life of Riley

My daddy started off wif mommy comin home and we went outside....then mommy went to bed and I went wif her cause i her cuddlekins. We woke at 8am ...ahhh mom we weren't in bed long enough to actually fall asleep..we went to bed at 7am, oh well, we are up. Mom fed us some kibble it was yummy, but we really wanted the peanut butter squares mom and daddy were having,they called it a power breakfast. Mom and daddy left for the morning and I was left wif Titan and Annabelle...Sandy dat rascal went for a car ride again!!!! She gets to go all the time, not fair, I used to be the prize pup who got to go for all da rides...
Mom and daddy came home and mom decided it was time to actually get some sleep, so she and I cuddled up on da bed together wif Titan in his crate and went to sleep for da sfternoon, dat was until daddy brought Sandy home and she decided it was time to
BARK AT NOTHING!!!!!! She barked for about 20 minutes, I fought moms head was going to explode but she just held me tight and said "soon she will SHUT UP", well it wasn't soon but she did shut up. We slept for a few hours den Titan decided he had been a good boy long enough, he wanted OUT OF DA CRATE, and NOW!!!! Mom got up,she was not happy but she got up cause we always come first... at least she says we do sometimes I hear her tell daddy.."You're on duty...I'm OFF, don't let them bug me, I need to get some sleep and more than an hour..." Daddy just says ok, gulp! I was saying mom got up and took us out and fed us some more kibble and again she ate a peanut butter square and didn't offer me none...."PAPA can you hear me???? She did not share her square, not even a crumb, nothing, me the PUP of all PUPS who usually get s a special treat out of da view of da otters, but NOTHING!!!!!
Zack if you read this, could you tell mom I want a bite,a nibble crumb, somefing... thanks...or if not could you save me one form da cooking show, PLEASE?????
After mom took us out yet again (Titan)...she got ready for work and as soon as she was done, she came in and cuddled wif me on da big bed our spacial time before she weaves da house...ahhh still NO PEANUT BUTTER SQUARE, not so special, MOTHER! after we cuddled she said goodnight and put the terrorist in his box...
hehehe I mean Titan in his crate.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in Boston

Mommy and Papa are back in Boston for another biopsy....hoping they can get in and out quickly before the snow sets in. Daddy just called mom and told her that Sandy ran away this morning, he found her 4 houses away. She went running after a doggie who came into her yard. Daddy was not happy and he used all kinds of BAD words when he called mommy...i had to go hide cause he was loud and da words scared me...boy I don't fink I have ever heard daddy dat mad before, ever. I am always da good boy, I never give dem any problems, Titan on the otter hand...Oh my goodness he is a terror sometimes, he loves to climb up on the counter and get into anything he not liking this very much.
Mom and i cuddled all night on Saturday, we went to bed at 5pm and we woke Sunday at 6am...i was her was great and I knew mommy really needed her sleep. On Sunday we went to bed at 4pm and we woke dis morning at 4am, dis was a very good weekend for sleeping I said mommy really needed it so I kept her company..yup cuddlekins iz me.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas morning

We survived da morning, we got lots of prezzies from mom and daddy. We also gave mommy da best Christmas gift, one she didn't expect....we let her sleep for 6 whole hours, we didn't bark or whine or nuffin, we were so good, even Titan. Mommy was so happy when she woke up and realized it was time to go to work and not middle of da afternoon. She was so proud of us dat she gave us all extra special hugs and kisses. I hope she told daddy we were good, maybe we can get an extra bagel treat from him....Hmmmm? We got our Secret Santa package and mom took video and as soon as she can figure out how to upload it, I will post it....if she ask me I wud tell her I am all knowing puppy ya know???

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my anipals and der Hoomans too

"Bookends of 2009"

Mom and are writing this one together...ok, I writing she reading and critiquing ...
*January 1, 2009... mom and daddy came hiome early from a New Years eve party only to be home 20 minutes when all of a sudden the carbon monoxide dector went crazy, mom and dad looked at each other and said " What the hell is that?" They quickly realized what it was and went looking for the cause...sure enough as soon as daddy oopened the basement doors he could see da flames...da basement was on fire! It was a good thing they came home when they did, cause had they not da whole house would have gone up in flames and we would not be here, thankfully we all made it out safely. Mom should have known then what the rest of 2009 would look did not get better....
*February 2, 2009... Papa had his hip problems wif da hip "cept he really pissed off daddy by recovering so quickly from surgery
(oh, mom approved da word, she said it was da only one appropriate)
*March....not a bad month, nothing much happened...
*April 3, 2009....where do I begin? Uncle Dana called mom and said "dad needs to go to the hospital but won't can you talk to him?" She said just call 911, they did and she got a call saying he was at Marlboro Hospital, then a few minutes later Grammy called and said he didn't look good and they were going to transfer him to UMASS, she said keep me one really explained what was really going on, so mom wasn't too worried just went to work adn about midnight the ER MD called and said get here now, he won't make the night...she left flying, i don't fink her tires touched da ground....She and daddy got der and it looked BAD!!!! Mom cried but remained strong and in da room wif Papa always asking questions and not liking  da answers but knew everything going on, and took control, Grammy had done enough and it was time for mom to step up and ease things for her a bit. Mom signed the Health Care Proxy but did so wif a heavy heart and signed for him to have the Balloon pump placed in his leg to keep his heart functioning.
(he was in complete heart failure) Papa was stabilized and the procedure went well enough for him to be transferrred to Mass General in Boston the next mom says she finally met real special Angel was Ellen his nurse....she was a true angle, she never left Papas side for one minute the first day...even when Papa wasn't on his best behavior. The month of April had good days and a lot of very bad days,
but we all made it to May
*May...Papa is still in da hospital and still has da balloon pump in his leg, during May we got the news Papa would be listed for Transplant, woohoo!!
*May 30, 2009 RN Hallary called @ 11pm to say..."get here now, we have a heart for your dad" Mom leaves work headed for Boston, gets there in time to see Papa before surgery...
*May 31,2009...Dr MacGilvery called to update us that surgery was called off because the heart was not viable once it arrived in Boston. Back to waiting....
*May 14, 2009...daddy got a call on his cell phone from his dad, whom he hadn't spoken to in 6 years, we knew this was not a good sign, so mom returned the call and had to tell daddy his only uncle had passed away in his sleep da night before, he was 45 yrs old.
*June 9,2009...Papa got his artificial heart, dey call it an LVAD (left ventricular assist device)...Papa was hooked up to batteries....we call him da "energizer Papa"
"stead of offence Zack.
July 19, and dad went to Albany NY to pick up Titan and bring him home.
*July 20,2009...Papa came home from da hospital for a home visit on his birthday, Titan accompanied him...Titan met Pugsy dat day.....we were happy to have dat ball of energy out of da house, we didn't realized dey were bringing him home to stay..
*August 28, 2009 mom and papa go to Mass General for a routine check up and his MD said she was going to activate him back on the transplant list and see what happens...little did we know dat visit would change our lives forever, especially Papas...
*August 31, 2009...noontime, Papa called mom to tell her he was going to Boston, his new heart was waiting for him,
Mom rushed to Boston to see Papa before surgery...5pm off to Surgery....9:40pm, first cut made, transplant is on and new heart ready to go....
September 1, 2009 5am...Dr MacGilvery tells mom "it went perfect, new heart is beating on its own w/ no complications.
*Sept 1, 2009 3pm breathing tube out and Papa is, mom says he was more Blue Papa ( I wondered wif his new coloring if I would recognize him,
I had never seen a pink papa before)
Sept. 29, 2009...Papa goes home from Hospital...for GOOD!!!!
*early October, Grampy asked Daddy to move into his house and take it over...he was giving him da house...we gonna have a new Big house to run and play...and a new sister too...her name is Sandy....
*October 31, 2009...we move into da new house!!!! We love it and Grampy loves dat we are finally moved in...he and Grammy moved into assisted living da week before.
*November...uneventful until Thanksgiving... Daddy's mom called to say Grampy wasn't feeling well but would see the doctor on Monday...
*November 29, 2009 Grampy admitted to hospital...
*November 30, 2009 mom and daddy visit Grampy and have a nice conversation...
 Grampy tells Daddy he is proud of him and dat he loves him...
8 hours later Grampy passes away...
he was supposed to come home da next day...what happened????
December 1, 2009...Family drama ensues and now all bets are off on da house...da kids Grampy's kids want it sold and they want da regard for Grampy's wishes at all...its all about da money...dey are money hungry and daddy now have to buy da house dey were given a mere 6 weeks prior...DRAMA!!!!
December 23, 2009...furnace fire back at da old you see a pattern repeating?? Mom hopes not...She hopes 2010 will be better....

Mom says you have to try and find da good in everyfing...
so dis is what she came up wif
 2009...da bad/good stuff...
Bad...Papa needing heart
Good...papa getting heart and feeling better than he has in years!!!!
Bad.. Daddy's Uncle dying
Good..His relationship with his dad is amended and now they have a better stronger relationship than they ever had
Bad ...Furnace fires
Good, there is no good, just calls them
"Bookends of 2009"

Team Steel

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Mom always say I have da best adventures...well mommy wanted one of her own.
Yesterday she was not smiling when she got home from her MIS-ADVENTURE...
It all started when daddy didn't let mommy sleep.... apparently daddy doesn't read this blog and left Titan home wif mom again and guess who didn't sleep? Mom or Titan! ***Side note to dad ...if you leave da house and mom is TRYING to sleep, ummmm...
She is not going to be happy to hear your special ring going off...hey just a heads up dude, * She was NOT HAPPY, I fink I heard a few of dose bad words again!!!!
Oh yeah, where was I oh thats right the ringing phone, so mommy got up and called you back...did you really say you were checking on her? DUH...she was trying to sleep, ok no need to beat a dead horse...She got ready and met you at da old house to finish cleaning it out so dey can get ready to sell it...dey went to lunch den went back to da house to wait for da plumber to come and fix da heater. A few minutes later mom hears daddy scream " da house is on fire!!! Da house is on fire...yup Anipals da house really was on fire, da furnace blew up...oh update everyone is safe. Da furnace and the surrounding walls not so safe, dey a little charred and ummm BLACK!
Can you see where da ADVENTURE became a MIS-ADVENTURE?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Zack Rabbit

Mom ....

Ok first off, I iz da good puppy, just ask mommy she will tell you hands down, there is no better pup. You see yesterday, mom had to sleep during da day cause she had to work at night, well I climbed up on da bed and snuggled wif her, den Titan stated to bark in his crate...he is in his crate cause if mommy left him out she would not have a house to wake up to. Titan has taken a liking to electronics..he has chewed the Blackberry charger and cord, he has also chewed the DVD cables, and daddy's winter boots. (I don't fink he is getting enough FIBER, but its just my opinion, what do I know I just a pup) So mom took him outside just to see if he needed to go, he didn't! Then mom put him back in his crate and climbed back into bed, she wasn't there 10 minutes when Annabelle decided it was her turn to whine. Mom got up again and took her out, she didn't need to go out either, by this time mommy is NOT happy and she was saying all kinds of words my puppy ears should never hear, I can't even repeat dem, dey were BAD! After all dis mom climbed back into bed and tried to sleep but I heard Titan start to whine again, I tried to warn him to shut up, but he would not listen to reason, so mommy finally got up and took us all outside; no one had to go but we sure did play for about 20 minutes in da was fun for us,but mom was NOT having any fun, i could tell cause it was very cold outside and I could see da steam coming out of her ears....she was MADDER than mad, but she let us play. When were done playing mom took us inside to eat dinner, it was yummy, she put sprinkle cheese on it. When we were finished mom took us out again, this time we behaved and went potty if we hadn't I think mom would have squeezed it out of each and every one of us, so we went. By the time we came in it was time for mommy to get ready for work, again she was not happy cause she didn't get any sleep, oops...hey it wasn't my fault I was sleeping till all puppy broke loose, hehehe.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What happened????

Ok, mom gets her hands on my Blog and bunnies, anipals and plushateers can't comment??? Mom hands off, everything was fine before you got involved.

Bunny Buddy

Hi Zack, I hope you can leave me a will change everything back if you cant...damn blogger...

Monday, December 21, 2009

here are the boys....

Here is a picture mom received today from her nephews dad...
Matt is on the left, Nathan on the right,and the one crouching is JP, who is serving in Iraq.


There was supposed to be something there this morning when i woke up!!! where is it????
Mommy made Papa the sole person responsible for his blog which can be found here    He needs to get on da ball and WRITE something, anything...gees, even I a puppy manages to post a thing or two a few days a week and I have paws!!!!! Get on it!!!!
Now back to our regularly schedule updates ....Our secret Santa gifts arrived but mommy said we couldn't open dem till Christmas, why not????? So for now they sit under da tree actually dey are da only gifts under da tree cause of family drama mom and daddy cancelled Christmas in our lest da puppies are getting something. Mom says she will post pic annd vidoe of us opening our gifts....stay tuned....

Sunday, December 20, 2009


hi papa...just checking on you...

Blizzard of 2009

There was a BLIZZARD???? it must have missed us cause I only see a dusting of snow, but I hear as close as 15 miles away got 15 inches...phew we were lucky!!!!!

Here is a nice picture of my mommy and daddy...aren't dey CUTE???? Papa what do you think???

Saturday, December 19, 2009

12 month Deployment begins

JP (James Paul) is mommy's 23 y/o nephew who deployed for Iraq on
12/19/2009 at 0100 hrs. We love and miss you...12 months then you are home!!!!!
Stay safe and keep us updated on your happenings,
love....paws and prayers

JP and his dad Jim

Thought this was hysterical

Please Welcome......

Here is my new friend Autumn..she found her FURever home a few weeks ago but I can finally welcome her on my blog, and thank goodness the secret was killing me. She is so cute and from what I hear she is fitting in nicely wif her new family. She is now one of three happy healthy pups who reside wif da "Cookie Fairy" (what a lucky pup)

So everyone please leave a comment to welcome her HOME.
Her sisters are Chloe and Lainey, yup that Lainey!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I promise 2010 will be a better posting year, mom says I haz to post everyday..if not everyday atleast 5 times a week...hey da paws can only type so much...but i will try.
 I miss all my friends, I hope to be in touch wif all of you real soon.
Fings are hopefully settling down on da home front.
Now lets get to a few updates, shall we.....

1. Papa is doing amazing, he had a bit of a cold; it does not effect his transplant the new heart is doing just great.
2.Gram is doing good, no more hospital visits for her, phew!
3.Mom is handing it all one day at a time
4.Dad is well,... he is managing, he would love to disown his mothers side of the family but he is holding strong for his Grams sake
5.Sandy is adjusting nicely to having siblings, she loves to play and her energy in never ending
6.Titan is paw-some, he is fitting in better and better everyday, mom took a nap wif him da otta day and he actually slept on da bed and didn't whine, chew or get into anything, he is such a good boy....He loves da snow!
7.Annabelle is ADJUSTING to having a sister, the bark collar keeps her grounded, she  is learning, but on a curve, you BOOOOO!
8.I AM GREAT!!!! 'nuff said, hehehehe
9.I AM WONDERFUL, just ask my mommy.
10.I can do NO WRONG!!!! mommy says so...daddy not so much.


Here is my new winter coat, that mom makes me wear when we go outside..yesterday it was a whopping 4 degrees...thank you mom, i could freeze in dat temperature, gees.

Mom what are you doing???

Mom got a hold of my blog again, Grrrrr...she is trying out some new stuff, please leave feedback if you like the new template and layout thanks......

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Calling Zack Rabbit....????

Zack my favorite bunny got me a facebook page and you have to have one can find me under Riley Tagliavia....


OMD, I am so sorry i haz not been daddy's grampy passed away suddenly and we have been dealing with all the issues that come wif it. Daddy been so busy and mommy too, they are taking care of Grammy. Papa Paul is fine and dandy and the new heart is perfect, no rejection. Nothing else is new except Titan and Sandy NEVER stop, OMD they go all day and all night...I am 10 and I play wif her too, but seriously they play all day and night.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Zack Rabbit are you out there??????? Where oh where is my favorite bunny buddy???? He popped in this week on twitter to say....Zack if you're reading this....i miss you buddy! Zack has been caring for his plushateer for a few weeks now...i hope everything is ok and you are back to vlogging soon, mom says dey are da funniest fings she has seen in a long get to vlogging ok? Plushateer...take care of yourself, hoping you are feeling better, mom is waiting for the next...

"it must be Tuesday" *waving*


First off, I can not make this stuff up.....daddy's Grampy (the one we got the house from) passed away suddenly Monday night. Mom and daddy are dumbfounded, they can't believe this is happening...they went and visited w/Grampy on Monday morning and everything was fine, so much so they made plans to have lunch together on Friday... now they will still be having lunch with grampy on Friday but in a whole new context. Mom is going to stay with Grammy tonight so that she doesn't have to be alone...they were married 60 years.

Mom is at the hospital with papa getting his biopsy done...then they are off to the transplant survivor and donor party at MGH, papa is excited to be going and meeting other transplant patients. Mom has been trying to figure out how many days off she gets because of the death, one says 3 days , and another says confusing, i just want her home wif me.
Thanksgiving was a fun day, da pups out numbered da humans...we rule! Papa cooked all da food and i didn't get fair i have to eat kibble on Thanksgiving. Mom slid me some later on, hehehhe....the food mom says was so good da silly humans were fighting over da stuffing, usually its da potatoes, but not dis year. The little kids had make your own sundaes for dessert, they loved it and they really added the works, snicker, reeses PB cups,reeses pieces, m&m's, chocolate sauce,ice cream..I'm tellin ya da works.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

I iz so sorry dat I haz been neglecting my blog, but hey I haz been busy. I haz been taking care of mommy, she hurt her back ya know. Den she went wif papa to Boston to get his new heart checked out and guess what? Mommy hit the deck and papa laughed, and laughed hard. Mom gave blood about an hour before and well it caught up wif her cause…she went down, all da way to da FLOOR, she landed in her apple juice, the same juice they had just given her to feel better. Oops, heheheh…I mean mom I hope you are feeling better? The good news is when she passed out she had to go to the emergency room to be checked out before they would let her leave, and while checking her out they noticed she had an abnormal T wave in her heart, so she gots to have that looked into especially wif papas history. So der you have my past few weeks in a nut shell, I promise to write more later…..

Happy Turkey Day

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello everyone,I am just stopping by to tell you i have not forgotten about has been on vacation and loving life..She is not looking forward to going back to work but nows it is only for a very short time, she only works 12 days this whole month...and only 14 in December. We love the new house and the yard is incredible. My new sister Sandy is well she is a ball of energy...i love her but girl take it down a notch or two. Titan is enjoying having the run of the new house and yard, he loves that he is trusted enough to run off leash. Annabelle got a barking collar, she was not very happy about it but mom and dad loved the decision. Annabelle has learned not to bark when the collar is on, and crazy girl she lets us put the collar on her. She is a good girl and we love her now that she is quiet. The new house is very quiet and dark at night, we can not see any street lights so it is just the lights from the house that lights the yard, mom is getting used to the darkness, me i don't mind i kinda like it dark and quiet. Dad has finished power washing the house, it looks great and new...the white looks new and fresh. Dad also power washed the thermometers off the house along with all the mold and dirt. Mom loves the way the house looks now. I have been outside alot lately cause we have had the nicest weather lately, its been in the 70's unseasonably warm for November.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bristol & Rocky

RIP Bristol...Bristol was a litter mate/sister to my boy Titan; she crossed over Rainbow bridge on Wednesday from complications to Parvo...she was a sweet sweet girlRockum Sockum\
This is ROCKY, Titans daddy...yes they look exactly alike, you really can not tell the difference. Rocky is very sick and has a 50/50 shot of pulling through, he is sick with an unknown virus that presents itself like Parvo but is not. he is at the vet receiving antibiotic via IV vein. We are praying for Rocky and his 2 lil pups who tested positive for Parvo on Wednesday, the vet says everyday their chances increase...keep fighting guys, love you.

Our new House

We all love the new house especially me, I have such a big yard to run and play in, woohoo. Here are a few picyures of us just hanging out in the media room...

the Boys
the Girls

Me relaxing
the Boys again, different day same pose, hehehehe

Titan, as long as some of him is on the dog bed, means it's a comfortable place to sleep

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here are a few new pic of the house mom took today after they were finished cleaning. it looks like a whole new house and we are moving in in 2 days...woohoo moving day! Daddy was very surprised mommy cleaned most by herself, daddy was impressed!


Friday, October 23, 2009


Mom wanted me to check in and say hi it everyone and let you know we have been very busy getting things done over at the new house. Grammy and grampy moved out today and they are officially moved into their assisted living apartment. Mom and dad will begin moving in tomorrow morning after susan gets everything out of the house and into the dumpster. Mom has a lot of work ahead of her and she is doing it all alone, just her and one wants to help and no one has offered either, oh well this is not the first thing they will do alone. I would help but mom says no way in puppiville are the dogs allowed to help. What could be better than 4 puppies helping you move? I will write more later mom says its nappy time and who am I to argue...bye.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We are packing up and getting ready to move...We are moving on Halloween!!!! Mom says our first night in the new house will be on Halloween..oh I iz so excited I can not wait. We will not have any trick or treaters cause mommy sayz we live too far off the road, but thats ok cause we be in our new house. So forgive me if i no post too much I iz a packing puppy, I must make sure all my toys get to the new house and nothing is left behind.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I just spoke wif mom and she is not happy....
da white stuff is falling, da white stuff is falling...
dat wiould be snow...
snow? it's too early for da snow to be falling

Thursday, October 15, 2009

new house and stuff

Mommy wants me to tell you that we should be in the new house in about 10 days or so. Mommy is hoping really hard that we can get in soon because she saw something on TV she was none too happy about...she saw snow in the forecast, snow!!! My ten year old bones are not happy about the weather either but what's a pup to do???? Cuddle under a blanket that is what I am going to do. Mommy will see to it I am covered and warm, toasty oasty. Titan on the other hand will come over and steal them away, I know that little rascal. He lost his tooth yesterday...Mom found it in the kitchen. Mom says she will save it, for what it is a tooth, you gonna collect all of them and make a necklace?? Yeah I didn't think so. Mom says we are getting our own room in the new house, I am so excited, I can hardly contain my butt wiggles. I am going to officially meet Sandy my new sister this weekend...Annabelle is going to meet her too, I really hope she likes her, cause she doesn't really have a choice. Mom says this is gonna work or someone is going on ICE status...prison term and trust me it is not a good thing.....ICE stands for isolation status, ugh!

Mom is in Boston wif Papa this morning cause he had to go and have his routine biopsy done for his new heart to make sure there are no signs of rejection. Mom gave platelets while she was there...they asked her :"Are these direct donation to your dad?" Her reply..."No, anyone who wants them can have them, I'm done with them."....she is so sarcastic sometimes but I guess it runs in the family or maybe she is sarcastic and now Papa is too because he got her blood, hmmm? Makes a puppy wonder???? Mommy making Papa sarcastic...I could see that happening, she can be overbearing at times, BOL.... OH? Hi mom *waving* i forgot you stop in and read this on occasion...hehehe i woof you....*boxer where was I?Oh i was telling you about papa, he is doing great and walking more and more everyday, and doing laundry, BOL...what is it with the men in this family...y'all do laundry, don't even think this manly pup is going to help...I will accompany you to the washer, but I am not touching that laundry detergent it smells fru fru....Hi papa you not fru fru just the laundry stuff...I know you are stalking me again and seeing what I am up to...nothing much just wasting time....

Saturday, October 10, 2009


HI, I know you are there looking to see if I wrote anything today...surprise I did.....I have a few more pictures of the house....
you know I'm talking to you right..PAPA?
Hi everyone, my papa, you know the one wif da new heart keeps stalking my blog but refuses to leave a comment but he calls mom and tells her what he thinks....
I think I have been writing enough about him that he should
"PUP UP" and say hello....
PAPA did you hear me? I know you are reading this...
so here are the new pics
Back yard
more of da says dos stix are going in da wood burning stove to keep me
warm and toasty
da garage...can you see what mom is so excited about, I'll give you a's orange!!!!
I cut most of it off, not only is mom getting a garage dey are getting a new SNOWBLOWER too...we live in snow country so this means no more shoveling for mommy, she happy bout dat.
More backyard photos behind da house
Garage shot...I fink daddy & sandy got cut off, oops...
I have to work on my photo skilz...sorry daddy, hehehehe
Mom says "Doesn't my Jeep look good there?"

????? Papa ?????
Did ya notice mom left out "GOOD" pictures of the driveway????
Ahhh, how do I say dis......ummm it is on a
sssllliiiggGGHHHTTT incline,
but not too much, really you will hardly notice it at all....
nothing really, I double paw promise XX

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is my new sister Sandy!!! She lives in the new house already, so I know she will show me all the good hiding places, oh and I hope she is nice and shows me where the boundary line for the invisible fence is, cause...sometimes I can be a dopey doggie and I don't want to get ZAPPED!!!!

We ARE most definately moving

Here are some pictures, please excuse the mess they are now getting ready to move too...

This is Sandy, gramy's gurl who is now our new puppy..she is a 2yr old "Golden Doodle"
this is the living room w/beautiful hard wood floors fridge it is staying!!!!
other side of kitchen across from fridge
Rest of kitchen, table and hutch are staying
Side yard
back of house and some yard
long driveway going down to the main road
4 season porch, now known as the MEDIA ROOM, this is the room we will be in most
Brian's room, oh I mean laundry room, with a nice BIG slop sink...he can have it, i don't do laundry
front yard
side and some back yard
driveway leading to house
driveway and turn around
picture of garage
part of back yard to the left
back yard to the right
tried to get a whole picture of kitchen, oh well i tried
new furnace and wood burning stove...we have OIL, yuck!!!!
this is one cabinet, they all slide out, how cool?
4 season room and garage