Thursday, October 15, 2009

new house and stuff

Mommy wants me to tell you that we should be in the new house in about 10 days or so. Mommy is hoping really hard that we can get in soon because she saw something on TV she was none too happy about...she saw snow in the forecast, snow!!! My ten year old bones are not happy about the weather either but what's a pup to do???? Cuddle under a blanket that is what I am going to do. Mommy will see to it I am covered and warm, toasty oasty. Titan on the other hand will come over and steal them away, I know that little rascal. He lost his tooth yesterday...Mom found it in the kitchen. Mom says she will save it, for what it is a tooth, you gonna collect all of them and make a necklace?? Yeah I didn't think so. Mom says we are getting our own room in the new house, I am so excited, I can hardly contain my butt wiggles. I am going to officially meet Sandy my new sister this weekend...Annabelle is going to meet her too, I really hope she likes her, cause she doesn't really have a choice. Mom says this is gonna work or someone is going on ICE status...prison term and trust me it is not a good thing.....ICE stands for isolation status, ugh!

Mom is in Boston wif Papa this morning cause he had to go and have his routine biopsy done for his new heart to make sure there are no signs of rejection. Mom gave platelets while she was there...they asked her :"Are these direct donation to your dad?" Her reply..."No, anyone who wants them can have them, I'm done with them."....she is so sarcastic sometimes but I guess it runs in the family or maybe she is sarcastic and now Papa is too because he got her blood, hmmm? Makes a puppy wonder???? Mommy making Papa sarcastic...I could see that happening, she can be overbearing at times, BOL.... OH? Hi mom *waving* i forgot you stop in and read this on occasion...hehehe i woof you....*boxer where was I?Oh i was telling you about papa, he is doing great and walking more and more everyday, and doing laundry, BOL...what is it with the men in this family...y'all do laundry, don't even think this manly pup is going to help...I will accompany you to the washer, but I am not touching that laundry detergent it smells fru fru....Hi papa you not fru fru just the laundry stuff...I know you are stalking me again and seeing what I am up to...nothing much just wasting time....

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