Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Zack Rabbit are you out there??????? Where oh where is my favorite bunny buddy???? He popped in this week on twitter to say....Zack if you're reading this....i miss you buddy! Zack has been caring for his plushateer for a few weeks now...i hope everything is ok and you are back to vlogging soon, mom says dey are da funniest fings she has seen in a long get to vlogging ok? Plushateer...take care of yourself, hoping you are feeling better, mom is waiting for the next...

"it must be Tuesday" *waving*

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ZackRabbit said...

OH WOW, Riley!! you posted a blog about ME!! i'm so *wiping tear* honoured!! wow oh wow oh wow!
I missed you guys very much too! I have been reading about your new sister dog and your new house and I always read about how your family is doing... I love your blog!!
Ok, I will hafta think of some new funny vlog material for you mom *BIG GRINS*
Sending hugs & LOVE to you and your family!!
Zackary xoxox =:3