Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

I iz so sorry dat I haz been neglecting my blog, but hey I haz been busy. I haz been taking care of mommy, she hurt her back ya know. Den she went wif papa to Boston to get his new heart checked out and guess what? Mommy hit the deck and papa laughed, and laughed hard. Mom gave blood about an hour before and well it caught up wif her cause…she went down, all da way to da FLOOR, she landed in her apple juice, the same juice they had just given her to feel better. Oops, heheheh…I mean mom I hope you are feeling better? The good news is when she passed out she had to go to the emergency room to be checked out before they would let her leave, and while checking her out they noticed she had an abnormal T wave in her heart, so she gots to have that looked into especially wif papas history. So der you have my past few weeks in a nut shell, I promise to write more later…..

Happy Turkey Day

2 PAWments:

marley said...

Very good to hear from you Rileeee. Ope mum is feelin better soon

ZackRabbit said...

sending LOVE to your family, Riley! our thoughts are with you! HUGS! xoxox