Wednesday, December 2, 2009


First off, I can not make this stuff up.....daddy's Grampy (the one we got the house from) passed away suddenly Monday night. Mom and daddy are dumbfounded, they can't believe this is happening...they went and visited w/Grampy on Monday morning and everything was fine, so much so they made plans to have lunch together on Friday... now they will still be having lunch with grampy on Friday but in a whole new context. Mom is going to stay with Grammy tonight so that she doesn't have to be alone...they were married 60 years.

Mom is at the hospital with papa getting his biopsy done...then they are off to the transplant survivor and donor party at MGH, papa is excited to be going and meeting other transplant patients. Mom has been trying to figure out how many days off she gets because of the death, one says 3 days , and another says confusing, i just want her home wif me.
Thanksgiving was a fun day, da pups out numbered da humans...we rule! Papa cooked all da food and i didn't get fair i have to eat kibble on Thanksgiving. Mom slid me some later on, hehehhe....the food mom says was so good da silly humans were fighting over da stuffing, usually its da potatoes, but not dis year. The little kids had make your own sundaes for dessert, they loved it and they really added the works, snicker, reeses PB cups,reeses pieces, m&m's, chocolate sauce,ice cream..I'm tellin ya da works.

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ZackRabbit said...

I'm so sorry.. My thoughts are with your family, Riley. Your mom must be a very brave and strong woman...or superwoman. She handles so much!!
Glad ur thanksgiving was great! It's cuz of Papa's amazin recipes! (thx 4 sharin!*wink*)
Sending LOVE to you all!
Zackary xoxo =:3

marley said...

WE sends big luv for you Rillee and all your familee.

Alice's Human Female said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Hopefully 2010 will bring nothing but high points to make up for this roller coaster year!