Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my day...the life of Riley

My daddy started off wif mommy comin home and we went outside....then mommy went to bed and I went wif her cause i her cuddlekins. We woke at 8am ...ahhh mom we weren't in bed long enough to actually fall asleep..we went to bed at 7am, oh well, we are up. Mom fed us some kibble it was yummy, but we really wanted the peanut butter squares mom and daddy were having,they called it a power breakfast. Mom and daddy left for the morning and I was left wif Titan and Annabelle...Sandy dat rascal went for a car ride again!!!! She gets to go all the time, not fair, I used to be the prize pup who got to go for all da rides...
Mom and daddy came home and mom decided it was time to actually get some sleep, so she and I cuddled up on da bed together wif Titan in his crate and went to sleep for da sfternoon, dat was until daddy brought Sandy home and she decided it was time to
BARK AT NOTHING!!!!!! She barked for about 20 minutes, I fought moms head was going to explode but she just held me tight and said "soon she will SHUT UP", well it wasn't soon but she did shut up. We slept for a few hours den Titan decided he had been a good boy long enough, he wanted OUT OF DA CRATE, and NOW!!!! Mom got up,she was not happy but she got up cause we always come first... at least she says we do sometimes I hear her tell daddy.."You're on duty...I'm OFF, don't let them bug me, I need to get some sleep and more than an hour..." Daddy just says ok, gulp! I was saying mom got up and took us out and fed us some more kibble and again she ate a peanut butter square and didn't offer me none...."PAPA can you hear me???? She did not share her square, not even a crumb, nothing, me the PUP of all PUPS who usually get s a special treat out of da view of da otters, but NOTHING!!!!!
Zack if you read this, could you tell mom I want a bite,a nibble crumb, somefing... thanks...or if not could you save me one form da cooking show, PLEASE?????
After mom took us out yet again (Titan)...she got ready for work and as soon as she was done, she came in and cuddled wif me on da big bed our spacial time before she weaves da house...ahhh still NO PEANUT BUTTER SQUARE, not so special, MOTHER! after we cuddled she said goodnight and put the terrorist in his box...
hehehe I mean Titan in his crate.

2 PAWments:

ZackRabbit said...

Ok, Riley, when I make da peanut butter squares, I promise you can haf a WHOLE plate to yourself, ok? HUGS! (gotta go buy some graham crackers...)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

not even a crumb?
not even a bite?
I would be upset too.
But i did like the part you snuggled with moms.
Do they make ear plugs in your size so it can block out you know whos barking?