Saturday, October 10, 2009


HI, I know you are there looking to see if I wrote anything today...surprise I did.....I have a few more pictures of the house....
you know I'm talking to you right..PAPA?
Hi everyone, my papa, you know the one wif da new heart keeps stalking my blog but refuses to leave a comment but he calls mom and tells her what he thinks....
I think I have been writing enough about him that he should
"PUP UP" and say hello....
PAPA did you hear me? I know you are reading this...
so here are the new pics
Back yard
more of da says dos stix are going in da wood burning stove to keep me
warm and toasty
da garage...can you see what mom is so excited about, I'll give you a's orange!!!!
I cut most of it off, not only is mom getting a garage dey are getting a new SNOWBLOWER too...we live in snow country so this means no more shoveling for mommy, she happy bout dat.
More backyard photos behind da house
Garage shot...I fink daddy & sandy got cut off, oops...
I have to work on my photo skilz...sorry daddy, hehehehe
Mom says "Doesn't my Jeep look good there?"

????? Papa ?????
Did ya notice mom left out "GOOD" pictures of the driveway????
Ahhh, how do I say dis......ummm it is on a
sssllliiiggGGHHHTTT incline,
but not too much, really you will hardly notice it at all....
nothing really, I double paw promise XX

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marley said...

Rilee, you are so luck wiv your new house. We are very jealous seein it here in England. We knows you will luv it and that Titan and Sandy will be appy there.