Friday, December 18, 2009


I promise 2010 will be a better posting year, mom says I haz to post everyday..if not everyday atleast 5 times a week...hey da paws can only type so much...but i will try.
 I miss all my friends, I hope to be in touch wif all of you real soon.
Fings are hopefully settling down on da home front.
Now lets get to a few updates, shall we.....

1. Papa is doing amazing, he had a bit of a cold; it does not effect his transplant the new heart is doing just great.
2.Gram is doing good, no more hospital visits for her, phew!
3.Mom is handing it all one day at a time
4.Dad is well,... he is managing, he would love to disown his mothers side of the family but he is holding strong for his Grams sake
5.Sandy is adjusting nicely to having siblings, she loves to play and her energy in never ending
6.Titan is paw-some, he is fitting in better and better everyday, mom took a nap wif him da otta day and he actually slept on da bed and didn't whine, chew or get into anything, he is such a good boy....He loves da snow!
7.Annabelle is ADJUSTING to having a sister, the bark collar keeps her grounded, she  is learning, but on a curve, you BOOOOO!
8.I AM GREAT!!!! 'nuff said, hehehehe
9.I AM WONDERFUL, just ask my mommy.
10.I can do NO WRONG!!!! mommy says so...daddy not so much.

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