Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in Boston

Mommy and Papa are back in Boston for another biopsy....hoping they can get in and out quickly before the snow sets in. Daddy just called mom and told her that Sandy ran away this morning, he found her 4 houses away. She went running after a doggie who came into her yard. Daddy was not happy and he used all kinds of BAD words when he called mommy...i had to go hide cause he was loud and da words scared me...boy I don't fink I have ever heard daddy dat mad before, ever. I am always da good boy, I never give dem any problems, Titan on the otter hand...Oh my goodness he is a terror sometimes, he loves to climb up on the counter and get into anything he not liking this very much.
Mom and i cuddled all night on Saturday, we went to bed at 5pm and we woke Sunday at 6am...i was her was great and I knew mommy really needed her sleep. On Sunday we went to bed at 4pm and we woke dis morning at 4am, dis was a very good weekend for sleeping I said mommy really needed it so I kept her company..yup cuddlekins iz me.

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Rufus and Indie said...

We are glad to hear Sandy is OK!
I bet your dad and mom were worried!

Rufus and Indie