Saturday, September 19, 2009


Papa is doing really well but still in the hospital. They are watching his heart rate which happens to be in the 50's...which is basically normal for a 19 yr old, which by the way his heart is. He, however is not so they are watching things just to be sure he is stable on that low a heart rate. His surgeon has no worries nor do his nurses but there is always one in the bunch who wants to be extra here we are 19 days after surgery still in the hospital. Papa however is not complaining, he is rather comfortable and can visit all his former nurses anytime he wants so he is happy as a clam right now. As or Mom ...she would love to see him come home soon, very soon. The drive is 115 miles round trip, gas, and parking fees all add up. She is going broke and the stress alone is taking its toll, besides she is sleep deprived and do you know what happens to a sleep deprived mommy...she gets CRANKY and pups, she ain't fun to be around. She is off the wall crabby, look out here comes GRUMPY high tails it out of dodge when he knows she is crabby. Poor daddy received her wrath last week...he just wanted to go to out to dinner with his family so he asked mommy if she wanted to go...big mistake, you see mommy worked all night then went into Boston to see Papa, and was getting ready to head home from Boston at 2pm and daddy called to asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner with his parents @ 5:30, well that did it, it sent mommy over the edge. She was done and so done at that...she started yelling at daddy asking him if he sleeps at night and if he was going to sleep that particular night, mind you mommy had to work again...he was AFRAID to answer the question. Mom pointed out rather loudly, I know because I could hear her yelling on the phone and she was not using puppy approved words either...anyway dad politely told her to come home and go to bed, she was over tired, ya think? Mom did not like his tone, how dare he tell her she was over tired she already knew this. Her point in all this was.... He,daddy got to sleep 8 hours the night before, mommy worked, then He,daddy was going to go back to sleep for 8 more hours that night, mommy just wanted to know WHEN SHE GOT TO SLEEP? You see driving home from Boston takes and hour so she would arrive home around 3pm, then dinner was at 5:30, lasting approx 2 hours...that would make it 7:30 and mom has to be up for work at 9pm so her very polite question to daddy was WHEN WILL SHE SLEEP? Daddy told her to just come home and he would stay home and she could sleep from 3 -9pm. Mom cried all the way home, she was burnt out and over tired, but when she got home daddy surprised her with beautiful purple flowers and told her to just climb in bed he would handle the rest of the day....I climbed up and napped with mommy for 5 hours, when she woke up she was in a much better mood.

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Ahhh, your poor mommy, she needs a break!

We are really happy that your grandpa is doing so well.

Boy, what a hard road this has been for all of you. hopefully, the worse part is over and your grandpa will continue to get stronger with his new heart.

But in the meantime, take care of mommy. She needs some rest and lots of love!

Riley and Star.

ZackRabbit said...

awww Poor Mommy! I'm glad that you are taking good care of her, Riley!! Send you, your mommy, and the rest of the family BIG-BUNNY-HUGS!! Extra bunny hugs to Papa too!! Hope he's home soon!! xoxox

Bruschi said...

OH Riley your poor mommy! She is going through a lot and dealing with so much right now, it is nice that you are helping take good care of her. She needs her rest so she can remain healthy for all of you! Extra hugs to your Mommy!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi