Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Oh My Dogginess...
I have yet again neglected my blog...I iz so sorry...let me see what has been going on in the world of Riley lately? I hadz my 10th birthday and oh my oh my, mommy took me for 2 rides in the car. I went to get my nails clipped, which I love...hey don't judge me dude, I haz to look good and nails are part of da package. We also went to get breakfast one morning, dat was my surprise,
mommy took me to get an egg sandwich all for me me me.
I love da egg sandwiches...yummm-o!
I got a birthday surprise in da mail from da cookie fairy, Lainey....
I got cookies, pizza, brownie and chews!!!!
I fout dey were mine all mine but mommy said I HAD to share wif Titan and Annabelle.
*sigh* I did, they loved them and wanted more more more. *sigh*
Thank you Lainey, my favorite cookie fairy.

5 PAWments:


"Sharing means caring"

Well who ever made that up never had to share his toys with his bratty little sister!

Now Riley, that wasn't nice, take it back!

Okay, I'm tak'n back my stuffie!

Riley and Star.

Rufus and Indie said...

I can understand you! I have to share my things with Indie all the time! But why?
Egg sandwich sounds delicious!
Rufus and Indie

Riley said...

NO it was cookies that I didn't want to share. I always share my stuffies wif da others. Titan loves da stuffies and Annabelle loves da cookies so we are all good, no worries I share.

ZackRabbit said...

did I miss you birthday?? happy birthday Riley!! I love reading your blogs, cuz you always make me laugh! hugs!

Riley said...

Yup my Birfday was September 9th...I turned 10!!!!