Friday, September 11, 2009

Running mate

As you have noticed mom is training to run her first ever marathon in my papas she needed a running mate...guess who she picked? No way dude, I'm 10!!!! She is going to be running her short runs w/ Titan. Mom says she wants a running mate and he would be fun to run with, but I know the real wants Titan to run with her so when she gets home and it is time for her to sleep, Titan will actually sleep. Mom is no fool you know, it is a win win situation.

Mom has also enlisted the help of her HERO to help in her training...why is he her hero...(PAPA is her #1 hero, he is #2...they know about each other) oh anyways I was going to tell you Henry's story on why mom thinks he is a you see mom used to manage a gym for a couple of years and one day she met this really nice man who came in looking for a membership. He said he had just gotten out of the hospital and was on his way home and needed a membership so he could start walking immediately. Mom signed him up and they got to talking. Mom found out he was just discharged from the hospital after having gastric bypass surgery and he was going to make some serious life changes starting with his weight...he came in weighing 437lbs. He and mom quickly became friends as he came to the gym everyday at 5am...and I mean everyday he never missed a day. He walked and walked and did some minor weights. Over the next few months he literally transformed into new person. He began running short distances and added more weight to his strength training routine. Mom couldn't believe the dedication he showed, he was a force to be reckoned with, he was amazing. Two years after his surgery he hit his goal weight 200lbs, mom was so proud of him, but that was nothing. He came in on day and said " So I'm going to train to run The Boston Marathon" Mom knew he was not kidding. He trained and trained and he did it. Henry has now run 5 marathons one every year since his first, and every year he says never again. Mom knew he was not going to run next year but asked for his help and expertise in training so he called her last week and said " OK sweets we are training starting Monday, my way no excuses and we will cross the finish line together, got it?" Mom knew he meant it and is over the moon he would do this for her.

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marley said...

Ah ha. My daddy always say never again and is now plannin his fouth marathon next year. It do be like a drug. Good luck for your mummy. It do be an amazin fing to do and always so easy when you have a good cause to phink about (I say this on behalf of daddy who is tellin me stuff bout marathons). Daddy's favourite marafon story is catchin up wiv a man wiv only one leg about 400 yeards from the end of his first one. Daddy proud to ave him in his finishline photo

Alice's Human Female said...

We take Alice out for short runs, too. I always wonder about what she's thinking about when she's running-- she gets really focused (which isn't normal). Are you going to use a regular or special sport leash for Titan? We've been using a regular one for Alice, but I've been curious how the sportier ones work.