Saturday, September 26, 2009


Papa Paul is home!!!! Mom is so very happy that he is close by now. She is finally starting to relax a bit, not much though wouldn't want to send her body into shock. Grammy is doing better but she is still in the hospital and will remain there for a another couple of days. Daddy is happy to have papa home too, cause he knows now mommy will start to resemble the women he married. I love my mom but wow was she becoming a basket case with all the stress, but at least she was aware of her ATTITUDE, she tried to keep it together and only lost it a few times. When mom lost it, she lost it big time!!!! So anyways where was I.....oh yeah...papa is doing well and he is going to call mom if he wakes in the middle of the night, you know he called mommy every night in the hospital just to talk, mom loved these conversations.

3 PAWments:

Alice's Human Female said...

Welcome home, Papa Paul! And when Grammy's released, you'll have yet another reason to celebrate!

MedusaJ said...

Oh joy Mum's returning to her human state! Your poor Mum has a lot to cope with and has done remarkably well. Welcome home #Paul & get well soon Grammy.

ZackRabbit said...

I am SO happy to hear dat Papa is home now!! Sending extra special loving hugs to your Mommy, because she deserves da best!! *belly rub* for you, Riley, cuz you're such a great doggie taken care of Mommy!! HUGS!