Friday, September 25, 2009

ugh, updates

So Papa is still in hospital and now so is Grammy. Papa was supposed to come home but his liver enzymes were elevated so they decided to keep him another day and see how things are, no big deal right? Ask the nurse who caught his wrath today he was not happy, but he calmed down and apologized to her. Actually it was a blessing Papa didn't come home today, had he come home Grammy never would have gone to the emergency room complaining about the pain in her leg. It is a good thing because they found a blood clot and told her she could have died from it, so phew we are glad they kept papa another day.
So mommy says she is going hospital hopping tomorrow so she can visit both of dem, oh she gonna make a game out of it, like a scavenger hunt..try and find things unique to their respected hospitals. Yup, I do believe mom has LOST IT...not that she really had it to begin with,but we let her think so anyway. Dad is being a good sport about all this seeing as it is all unfolding on his vacation and we were supposed to be In Texas, good thing we cancelled that vacation. Mom and daddy are now planning on going out to Chicago in November for the Notre Dame vs. Navy college football game...can they please have a few days away, mommy really needs it....seriously she can be a raving lunatic with all the stress she is under, But we love her anyways....
love you mommy.

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marley said...

we send wuzzes for Grammy.