Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sorry if this is redundant but I have nothing else to do so I will give you a run down of the whole day so far....9am Paul calls to find out what we have planned for the day and to ask about Brian s grandmothers...he calls everyday to get their updates and to check in on everyone. I tell him B will be heading over after he gym to check on Grammy, he says great just let me know how things go, we hang up. I continue to watch the greatest movie ever made...The Santa Claus with Tim Allen...i get almost to the end and the phone rings, it =s dad I can tell by the caller ID...I answer and dad says so nicely that he is headed to the hospital..i ask what is wrong, he says nothing that the hospital called and they have a heart for him, and for him to get there as soon as possible. Now at this point in the conversation I begin to freak out, ahh so quick so soon, I mean we were listed 1A only 4 days ago. So I run around like a chicken w/ my head cut off and secure a place for Titan to spend the night, and I know that Riley and Annaboo will be fine staying home, b/c Auntie Erin will be by to walk them as she always is, we are blessed to have her in our lives. So we finally get to the hospital and we are all in the room, we are having a blast, everyone is in a great mood, nothing heavy hanging over our heads, but we all kn ow where we are there. Dad is cracking jokes and causing trouble right up until the minute he is wheeled away, thanks dad..I will get you back for all the trouble you have caused before running off to the sanctity of the operating room, damn will have to answer for your actions, hehehehe. Dad was wheeled off to the operating room at 5pm, we received word that the first incision was made at 9:20 pm, meaning everything is a go and the heart is young and viable. His heart failure MD says this is the perfect heart, if she could pick a heart any heart, she says this is the ONE she would choose, so we feel very confident in her words. The cardiac surgeon also d=said he was more than pleased with the donor heart, all good news. As i write this dad has been in surgery now for almost 5 hours and the waiting is the hardest part. They tell you waiting for the heart is the hardest part, that would be true if we actually waited for this one, this perfect heart literally fell into our laps 4 days after being listed for transplant, this time around. We did wait and have our trials and tribulations earlier this year, but as they say everything happens for a reason, well our reason is...we were waiting for the right one to become available. I will continue to update as i have more info available.

Please remember the donor family in your thoughts and prayers as without them,
this NEVER would have been possible.
We love an appreciate their selfless sacrifice, we are forever in thier debt, we owe them everything, they are truly now our angels as they have to be looking over dads shoulder remembering their loved one everyday.

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