Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wicked Wild Women Weekend 2012

Mom haz just informed me dat she iz going on a Las Vegas “Girls Only Weekend” dis means one fing….par-tay wif daddy..woof woof woot woot….party in da house, I can tell you right now, mom will have a great time but it will be Sandy with the lampshade on her head here at dis party spot. Boo Boo will be da official greeter, if she no like you, then you are not coming to her party, and daddy, well he is going to love having all us pups to himself…insert sarcasm here, here and here….daddy loves us but we really do try his patience…a lot! Mom will come home and I can guarantee daddy will leave da house screaming for 5 minutes alone, no pups, no mom, no walking of pups and no barking…oh I can see disaster written all over dis…mom will live it up and daddy will try and survive da weekend. Did I mention mom iz going wif her BFF’s Tracy momma and da cookie fairy…no these are really peeps, although they sound mystical.


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marley said...

Advices for you Sergeant Dad: buy one ginat trubble from dogs all weekend...