Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mommy had the really nice dog sitter come back and walk us while they went to Boston to see da Red Sox place baseball…they did not fare well, the Red Sox lost, but mommy and daddy had a great time none the less. The pup sitter was so nice she came and walked us then she came back and fed us our dinner all the while telling mommy and daddy to enjoy their night out and not to rush home because we were well cared for and having fun wif da sitter..she iz so nice and oh I can get her to give me lots of treats but I fink she likes Sandy Beans da bestest out of all of us….I haz no idea why, I mean I am gorgeous and energetic, and Boo iz cuddly and loving , but der is sumfin about dat Sandy Beans dat everyone just falls in love wif… I fink everyone falls for her platinum hair…she is gorgeous, loving, cuddly and fun to just hang wif…I still fink I iz da bestest but whatever….grrr.

So der you haz my weekend….oh I forgot to mention Saturday mom and dad went out to a quick lunch wif a screw daddy works wif and his wife…its funny because mom and Tony’s wife haz da same name…MONIQUE, mom found dis very weird, anywhoo….as I said they went for a quick lunch and returned home 5 hours later…5hours!!! Not a very quick lunch if you ask me, but seeing as no one did I guess I really can’t complain, and I did get a walk, fresh water and food before they left so itz not all bad.

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marley said...

You IS da best my pal. Woof.