Monday, September 5, 2011

Dis is a letter to my new doggie sitter/walker…Deanna.

   I find you very nice, but we need to get a few things straight and we will have a wonderful experience together….

I iz KING puppy!

I rulez da house and I demand and will receive all treats I ask for.  
I get paid for letting you know which sissifur has to go out and do der business as in,
who needs to release da poop.
 Mom knows dis and daddy is learning dis, so I fink you and
I should just get dis little matter out of da way now…
ok, let’s review…
I iz KING pup and get lots of treats.
I would appreciate it if you would allow me play time wif Sandy Beans,
she and I are bestest buds, I wuv her. Annabelle is a whole otta story…
she likes me but I don’t fink she wuvs me much…
she barks at me all da time…
Mom knows I iz as gentle as dey come and I haz never growled at anyone, ever…I iz a good pup.
Now about dis walking fing …..I like it and I fink Boo could use some exercise,
she is getting a widdle chunky in da belly region if ya know what I mean….
Boo has a BOODA belly.
Mom mentioned she iz taking daddy away to Florida to see da Gators play…
why dey going to Florida to see gators play, all dey need to do iz turn on da Animal Planet channel
 and dey can watch dem all day…
I fink dey iz crazy, but dey have 3 pups so I know dey isz crazy, BOL.
We get to watch TV all day everyday….I prefer Nickelodeon, and Sandy likes da Disney channel,
dis iz very important to remember…
otta fings to remember…
I like my treats, Boo barks at everyone and Sandy is da cuddle muffin….
I will snuggle up wif you if you’d like, I iz da snuggle buggle.
I hope you find dis note useful, even if you remember nuffin from it remember one fing ok….



1 PAWments:

marley said...

Deanna, I done read wot Titan say an I kno is all true so you be listenin to him closely and followin instrukshuns pleez. If in doubt, pleez administer extra snaks before any activitee