Thursday, September 15, 2011


Mommy sez I get to write a new post for my bloggie…hmmm what shall I write about? I could tell you that Boo Boo iz eating all her food and leaving none in da bowl, dis iz huge because she never wanted to finish her food before and mommy was scared she wasn’t getting enough food. I could tell you dat mommy and daddy seem to think this weekend would be the perfect time to try and reintegrate Sandy and Boo, so they are going to take them to a park to try and get to know each other again. (I really hope this works) I iz top dog in our house but please do not tell Boo this as she really thinks she is alpha dog….I don’t fink so. I iz really happy to have mom and dad home from der vacation, all iz right wif da world again. Dey keep saying dat dey are going back next year for another game, but itz a whole year away so I won’t worry about it just yet. Mom is not as thrilled as daddy iz to be going to the Red Sox game on Sunday…she would rather have a day off to spend at home wif us, but daddy says dey really need to try and get out more as they never do. Daddy says dey are home bodies and need to get a life outside the house, mom really like just being home wif us. Dad finks dey should explore da world around dem, I can help wif dat I know what channel da travel channel is, does dis help?

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marley said...

I wish you a appy weekend my pal. I has been promised a log walk and, at the moment, the autumn sun is shining so we are looking forward to it.