Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gator nation

So mommy and daddy decided to finally come home from Florida, and I got a really nice new collar and leash set, daddy says I iz a Gator Dog now…well what was I before? I guess I am now officially a member of Gator Nation. We had a great time with Deana our pup sitter, but it is nice to have mom and daddy home, and daddy is home all week because he is on vacation, mom iz working and I mean working a lot of overtime this week, like long 12 hour days…..did I mention I get to see my new BFF on Sunday because mom and daddy think they need to go see a Red Sox game in Boston, haven’t they done enough traveling? I know I know this game was planned way back in April so I guess I cannot complain, besides Deanna iz coming to play wif me, woohoo!!


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marley said...

Nice to be hazzin em home my pal. I ope they enjoyed theyselves. I been on the net myself this week...but only as supportin actor for the typist. You can see us here WOOF!!