Friday, September 2, 2011

I haz been gone far to long....

OMDoggieness, I haz been gone from my bloggie far to long, but I comes back on a happy note....Papa had his annual heart transplant check up and he is good to go, NO REJECTION at all, he is healthy as a dey say.
Nuffing really big going on here except we got a puppy sitter because mom's mommy papa's wife fell down da stairs and broke a lot of bones so she is laid up for awhile and mom iz taking daddy on his very special burfday trip next week to Florida, so we got a new pupsitter...she is very nice and we all like her.
Mom is not excited to be going away, she no like flying and she really don't like football, dad is in for fun times. I will try and keep you updated but I may have to change da language a bit, mom can use some non puppy approved words.

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marley said...

It sound like excitin times for you my pal. I ope you haz some fun wiv da new puppy sitter.