Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Mom is not happy and daddy is downright pitted off..(mom sez no bad words, so deal wif pitted off) We iz getting about 25+ inches of snow over the next 48 hours she really not happy about dis. I will make her take pictures so dat i can document it here on my bloggie...The great Blizzard of 2011 ... I will have pictures up later...for now know mom iz crying in her WW coffee cake....BTW these things are delicious...oh I mean they look delicious because lordy knows I do not get tasty treats anymore cause mom says diet food is limited to her and her only....little does she know dad slips me a bite or two every now and then, and they are PUPPERLICIOUS.

2 PAWments:

Bruschi said...

I can't believe you are getting MORE snow! That is just ridiculous if you ask me! I mean, this must be one of the worst winters on record! I hope your daddy doesn't get too tired out there shoveling and snow blowing!

ZackRabbit said...

we getting snow too! *sobs together with mom* what? you not getting enough treats? do i need to send Rufus, cookie attorney, over there again??!! *paw on hips* hee hee xoxo