Monday, January 31, 2011


OMD, I have been on here everyday for three days this must be a record for me...Riley used to do it, but I don't think I have ever been so dedicated to it before...I think the fear of mommy actually taking it over has scared the blogger in me. Mom says we have some things coming up in a few days...Hmmm I wonder if she is taking about the 20+ inches of snow we are slated to get on Tuesday and Wednesday or could she mean we have a lot of complaining coming up from daddy when he finds out we are getting all the snow. Mom is sure he is going to complain and he is going to be very vocal about it...I really don't think it`s fair because daddy never lets me get vocal and when I do I get a very stern waring to zip it. I just voicing my OPINION daddy dude, geesh. So I hope that's what mom is talking about because I really don't want to hear the V word as in VET...I think that is a ways off but you never now....I gonna have to consult my calendar, but I don't fink i has any vet appointments booked...hey you're not neutering me are you? I kinda like my parts, all of them to be exact...Oh I was very good today...I let mommy sleep all afternoon and I didn't wake her not once. I hung out wif daddy and I make him take me outside all day because hey who doesn't like peeing for a treat.Boo was mean to me today she chased me off da bed and mom was scared because I fell funny, she didn't like the way my legs landed and said I got up wif a limp, but I was fine wif in 20 seconds cause I was back chasing Boo around the living room....she may not like me, but I love her.

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ZackRabbit said...

I keep my paws crossed dat u haf no "v" appointments dis month! *hugs* oh, u poor thing, u got a boo boo on ur leg? *snuggle cuddle* *kiss kiss* all better.. pffth pffth.. but I got dog fur in my mouth now .. :\