Wednesday, February 23, 2011

daddy ...

Daddy is turning 40 in June and mom wants to take him on a little getaway....We need suggestions people...where to go, what to do....and NO we are not going with them, sumfin about dis being 2 legged adventure. Mom was thinking about going to Florida for a weekend getaway to see the Tampa Bay Rays and Red Sox play baseball in July...or out to Las Vegas or oh she has no clue and is looking for so helpful ideas.Can you help us, thanks.

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Bruschi said...

Oh Oh Oh Florida sounds great! We live in Florida and want to go to the Trop to see the Sox play the Rays too! When is your Daddy's birthday?
Oh and on a side note, July is blistering hot here in Florida, so the 4 legged furiends would NOT like it here BOL

Riley, Titan,Boo and Sandy said...

Daddy turns da big 40 on June 28, they are thinking about going to the 7/16,7/17 games..however they are NOT Damon/Manny fans. They went one year in October and it was 117 degrees, the lady at Disney said it was da hottest Oct in was not pleased but if she can handle that, July should be a breeze...I will NOT go out in dat kinda heat...AC for me..thankyouverymuch.