Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mom vs daddy

Mom vs Daddy the showdown

*Mom lets us get away wif nuffin, nuffin I tell ya...she has eyes in da back of her head
*Mom is amazing at getting us to comply wif her demands wifout da likes of cookies, no she has da "LOOK"
*Mom gives us treats when earned, not just because we want one
*Mom loves us unconditionally, as she proved when I chewed her blankey
*Mom gets mad at times but gets over it quickly (most of da time)
*Mom is our bestest furend
*Mom gives us hugs and kisses ALL DAY LONG!!!!

*Daddy gives in to our every demand, no not making this up
*Daddy gives us cookies every time we go outside, we may or may not be playing him to get MORE cookies
*Daddy loves us but gets annoyed by the amount of times we go outside...especially in the snowy frozen tundra we apparently moved to
*Daddy gives us hugs and kisses when he thinks mom isn't looking because he needs to appear MANLY
*Daddy spoils us rotten when mom is not around
*Daddy is King, hahahaha even I had to laugh as I pawed it, hhahahaha
*Daddy won't admit it, but we get away wif everything on his watch, shh no tell mommy

So there you have it, each has der good/bad points...who wins you decide....????

3 PAWments:

marley said...

I dusnt fink no one do win my pal. Is good to ave a Mum and a Dad i fink and we is appy when peeple do ave both cos some peeple is not so lucky, expecially when they need a team to look after animals

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

LOL! Our Mama spoils us rotten like that! In our house its Gramma and grampa who are strict! But even they give us extra treats when each other isn't looking!

ZackRabbit said...

I think there needs to always be a balance, and mommy and daddy seem like a perfect pair! *HUGS* xoxo