Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas morning

We survived da morning, we got lots of prezzies from mom and daddy. We also gave mommy da best Christmas gift, one she didn't expect....we let her sleep for 6 whole hours, we didn't bark or whine or nuffin, we were so good, even Titan. Mommy was so happy when she woke up and realized it was time to go to work and not middle of da afternoon. She was so proud of us dat she gave us all extra special hugs and kisses. I hope she told daddy we were good, maybe we can get an extra bagel treat from him....Hmmmm? We got our Secret Santa package and mom took video and as soon as she can figure out how to upload it, I will post it....if she ask me I wud tell her I am all knowing puppy ya know???

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ZackRabbit said...

YAH! Videos!! I can't wait to see!!! *nudge nudge* *nudging Riley's mom* ... o.O! hehe!