Tuesday, November 29, 2011

mom ....

Mom iz awesome but she can be down right grouchy too.....she has been in a mood lately and I haz no idea why, I mean I iz trying to behave, no really I am. I may or may not have been getting on moms nerves lately because I kinda turned off da listening switch...I didn't mean to its just mom iz always saying no so I decided to tune her out...I guess dat is not a good Idea seeing as she can reach the treat jar and I can not. She says dat she says no for my own good but come on, everything is no no no. No jumping, no getting tinto da trash, no biting Sandy and no antagonizing Boo...come on whats left for a pup to do? I guess i will haz to listen better or I'm going to be on ICE status, she keeps mentioning da crate....oh no not da crate!!!! I do cuddle and snuggle wif her and give her da look and sometimes it works and some time s I hear...oh no you don't! Sheesh whats a pup to do....oh I know I iz calling Papa and reporting her behavior...Papa will get me freedom, he loves me....haha take that momma..... PAPA........?

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Stewey said...

Hi - My name is Stewey and I'm a corgi! I was strolling through blogville and came upon your blog. So, I thought I'd say "hi". Maybe your mom is still tired from Thanksgiving. My mom dressed me up like a turkey for Thanksgiving :)
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