Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FW: Happy Wednesday




Happy Wednesday everybody….

Mom said I was going on an adventure the otter day…I was so excited I could hardly wait, but I waited as patiently as any lil pup would, kinda. Mom put on my harness and I was ready to go….Daddy opened da door and up I jumped, right into the car, then I was buckled in my seatbelt and away we went. My adventure was beginning…I watched all the trees and houses go by and thought “wow this is great I got some alone time with mom and dad and I no have to share with my sissifures.” I was so excited, I was trying to stick my nose out da window but daddy never put it down far enough for me to do so, I was window blocked, grrr. Finally mom says “ we are here” and Im thinking “oh boy no what”….i should have held on to this thought because before I knew what was happening I was walked inside and greeted by a lot of pups and a kitty, no this and of itself was great it was what I heard next that made me want to high tail it otta der…some really pretty blonde girl said and I quote “ oh Titan it is nice to meet you, I’m just gonna hold your paw and clip your nails” WHAT???? Oh no, I don’t think so, back off Buttercup…no nail clipping for me today, I think I will just walk right out of here, hey wait a minute, when did you slip this thing on my neck and why can’t I move, MOM??? Mom as she is formally known was standing off to the side not offering to rescue me, dad was no help either. I finally surrendered after a lot of vocal protesting and maybe a shiver or two…but she finished and I have nice short nails and you can no longer here me coming down the hall….I’m gonna use this to my advantage WITH THE PERSON FORMALLY CALLED MOM TO SNEAK UP ON HER IN DA NEAR FUTURE. So my big adventure was going to meet Sandy’s groomer and get my nails clipped, I would not call this an adventure at all….I’m gonna surprise mom with an adventure of my own I promise…hehehe.

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marley said...

Is always good to look nice fur da ladies my pal. Woof. Mebbe next time mum dussnt need to make it a surprise tho...