Monday, November 21, 2011

i stole da xoomie

i stole mommy's xoomie and i decided dat i wanted to blog a bit....but i cant fink of anything to say right now....oh i do know one fing dat i like to say a bug shout out to my pal Marley whom i hear is recivering nicely from his more chewing dinosaurs!
Sandy beans went to the groomers and came back naked....dey shaved all her fur/hair off...i told mom she needs to put on a sweater when she goes outside.....however here in new england it has been crazy...yeaterday it was 36° and today it was 68°, mom says fings are crazy in da weather department lately. mom is not complaing tho, she likes having nice temeratures in Novemeber and if fings hold out like they suppised to, Thanksgiving it should be a balmy 60°, dat means mom wont freeze at da football game dad is draggin her to. She wishes sh eas going home ti see her high school play but they are going to see gdads high school play. i is sorry for all da typos.

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marley said...

Ello my pal. Is a onour to be menshun on your blog. We got the same wevver in da UK at the moment. Nice suny days followed by chilly ones. We had thick fog yesterday all day. Hey ho, I just keep on nappin fru it all