Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vets office

Well I finally had to go, mom would allow me no more excuses,
I went to the vets...but not alone, I made Annabelle go too.

Mom asks us if we want to go for a "RIDE" well duh of course we do...RIDE RIDE RIDE, going for a RIDE! so we get in the Jeep and Daddy is driving, mommy is riding shotgun which I am not happy about, because if it is just me and mom I get to ride shotgun, daddy just doesn't get that this is my Jeep, I am the copilot. We are off and mom says to dad "Can't even begin to imagine what this is going to cost?" My ears perk up, cost??? oh I have a bad feeling, I never cost mommy money unless we are going to buy food or ....the VET???? This can't be good! Daddy continues to drive and finally I see it, the hill, oh no not the hill,
I hate the hill, NOT THE HILL...the hill leads to only one place...The Vet.
Mom gets us out of the car and immediately Annabelle starts doing her Beagle thing and sniffing everything, and I mean everything! Me, I'm a cool pup, I know whats coming, so I try and act tough,
but really me knees are a knocking, big time.
Mom checks us in and they say it will be just a few minutes...a few minutes later we are called into a room, not a very big room mind you, no room to RUN!!! The very nice vet comes in and says "Who wants to go first?" Ahh lady neither of us wants to go at all!!! I decide that I will go first seeing as one of us has to and Annabelle was as close to being out the door without actually being out the door as possible. I climb up on the table and she puts a rope around my neck...lady Doc where do you think I am going to go? The room is exactly 8x8 and you have 2 dogs and 3 people in here, I CAN'T GO ANYWHERE!!! Lady Doc checks my eyes, teeth, gums, back, paws,nubbie, hey lady...I'm good, no need to check the prostate, I pee FINE, no burning, no blood, no pain..get out of there...ooh ooh was I just violated???
After we are done inspecting, yeah that's a better term than VIOLATED...she grabs the needle and says she is going to draw some blood, this is where I puff out my chest and take it like a man, phew that was easy,
till I see the four other needles she says she is going to use for VACCINATIONS!
VIOLATED, BLOOD DRAWN & VACCINATIONS, this my friends was not a fun "RIDE"
After lady Doc is finished I go and get weighed,
I weigh 86.3lbs all muscle no fat...the lady Doc confirmed I is a healthy pup.
No heart worms, my Lyme disease is under control, and not overweight.
This was all repeated for Annabelle however she was not violated, lucky her being a girl. She weighed in at 73.3lbs, she no fat either and deemed HEALTHY.
As bad as it was for us, it was worse for mom and dad...
it cost them $447.28,
That'll teach 'em.

Mom and dad took us out for munchkins after, yummy!

2 PAWments:

Rufus, Indie (and Anita) said...

So expensive! But now your mom knows you are both fine!
Rufus and Indie

ZackRabbit said...

LMTO! oh...sorry, I didn't mean to laugh at your expense!! Yeah, you show em! Glad you and Annabelle are healthy, Riley! *phew!* poor Riley being violated!! oh nos!! here, I'll give you a lolli! seems that the vet forgot to give you one!! *hugs* You were very brave!