Saturday, July 4, 2009

I nos feel good

Hi all, I is not feeling very well today. Mommy had to take me back to the vet so she could look at my leg. My right back leg is very stiff and I has a large mass on the inside of the leg about the size of a peach. The vet took out some fluid and said it was all fluid and that is good means not a growth and it showed signs of allergic reaction to who knows what. Mom was told to keep an eye on me and to give me Benadryl and aspirin and to call if it gets worse.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Riley its Dachshund Luke here.
First I am sorry that your leg hurts but very glad that it was not a growth.
Love your blog and think all dogs should have one. Looking forward to reading more of your doggy life.
See you on twitter if not before lol

Anonymous said...

Riley, my doggy brain not working too well this morning! I forgot to wish you a happy 4th July to you and your family #Paul

Staci Marie And Buddy said...

#PUGHUG!!! i has more where dat comes from!! I loves your your blog :) feels better. aww and i hope u look at dat picher lots cuz i want u be happy no more sicky!!!

Bruschi said...

Oh no Riley! Sorry to hear that! I hope you are feeling better real soon! Being sick is no fun!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

ZackRabbit said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! Riley, are you ok, buddy? *worry worry worry worry* I hope you feel better soon!!! now I won't be able to sleep!! Sending lots of healing energy your way!!!! *HUUUGG*