Thursday, July 23, 2009

Titan is here

So let me tell you a little story...dis is about a nice cushy life I ONCE lived, get it once? So prior to July 19, 2009 I lived the life of Riley, literally! I had it good, I came and went as I pleased. I cuddled all afternoon wif mommy, I really liked this part of my day, just me and mom and sometimes Annabelle. We went outside and played, mommy walked us and we generally had a great life doing nothing at all but being loved and loving back. Then one day mom decided we needed to change things up a bit and by that she meant we needed another dog, a puppy mind you. Not a dog who is well trained and behaved, NO mom wanted a puppy, one who loves to get into trouble because they don't know any better, as you can clearly see I was NOT consulted on this issue at all; cause if I were, I would have voted for a nice 3 or 4 yrs old Boxer to hang out wif, but NOOOOO! I got an 8 week old PUPPY....can you see where this is going? Mom tells me and Annabelle she and daddy are going to drive to Albany NY to pick up this puppy, they have taken to calling Titan...great he gets to go for a nice long car ride, lucky puppy, see it begins already,ugh. Mom and dad head out, and Annabelle and I have a nice long chat about who runs da house. We decide it is her, actually if I don't run it I can't get in trouble when something goes wrong, right? She has predecided she is not going to like the puppy, after all she was the baby till he came along. She huffs and puffs the whole time they are gone. She can't believe they have the nerve to bring this PUPPY into our home. She swaggers and sways back and forth waiting for mom ad dad to arrive wif Titan. She finally falls asleep, thank goodness she was making me nervous all the pacing, swaggering and swaying, geesh? Where was I again? Oh yeah, Annabelle fell asleep finally, so I had some time to myself to think things through...I decided I was going to be the best big brudder I could be, I know Annabelle and I had a pact, but come on she is my sister and I was finally going to get a brudder and brudders stick together. I puffed out my chest and was ready to tell her my decision when we heard that familiar sound in the driveway, it was moms car, woohoo they are home and they have my brudder wif dem, woohoo! I run around da house looking for daddy's shoe cause if you know me "I have to have a shoe when dey open da door." Mom finally comes in and tells us, it is time to go outside, woohoo we love going outside. Mom gets us ready and we head outside where we find daddy holding a puppy, I guess this would be the aforementioned Titan, but he is so little, so tiny I didn't expect him to be so small. I run up to daddy to say hello, and this tiny little tongue comes out and gives me kisses on my nose, yup "I is a sucker" I knew right then and there dis was the little brudder I dreamed about. I was going to protect him from all da bad stuff and Annabelle. Annabelle came running over to see what all the commotion was about and as she got close she decided she had seen enough and ran the other way, not going near Titan again till morning. She wanted no part of the puppy, she held true to her word. Mom brought Titan in the house gave him food and water and walked him one more time before bed. Titan was placed in the crate for bed, he did not like it at all, he cried and cried, mom never gave in, she tough. Finally he quited down and we all went to sleep, 90 minutes later the crying started again. Mom took him outside and he peed, what a good boy, he was letting us know he needed to go. When he was done, he was placed back in his crate for about another 2 hours then he cried again, and again he was brought outside and he went to the bathroom, he is such a good boy. Morning finally came and we had a chance to meet Titan for more than 10 minutes. He was tiny and nosy. He was sniffing everything including me. He barked at daddy to show he has a voice, it was cute, he tried to sound so powerful, he failed it was a cute little woof instead, hehe. Mom told us we would get to see him more later, that they needed to get Titan washed and off to Boston to see Papa, remember Papa was coming home for his birthday. Titan was very well behaved all day and Papa was so happy to finally meet him, they had the best day together, he was Papa's birthday gift.Titan arrived home around 6pm...I was finally able to play wif him, we ran around like fools. He is energetic and boy can he play, he loves to run and run and run. Finally I had to pull him aside and say " Look, Dude I think your great and I can't wait to get to know you better but I IS 10 YRS OLD, give me a break, I need to rest!" He didn't really understand but mom did, she let me climb up on da bed and closed the door, finally peace and quite time for the Ri_guy, ahhhh. I could hear mom and dad trying to coax Annabelle into at least getting within 10 feet of Titan, yeah no, that did not happen. Annabelle was and still is afraid of the puppy, she is getting better, but it is going to be awhile yet. She was the baby for so long that she is reluctant to share the spotlight. Mom and dad do a great job of having one on one time wif me and Annabelle so we feel loved and important too, they show us everyday we are loved pups. I love to play wif Titan but boy can he get into trouble, I try and keep him out of it, but he is young and fast and moves way faster than I can react, which would explain why he chewed the coffee table before I could get to him, mom understood, she wasn't paying attention either. I love being a big brudder and can't wait to see how things go from here...stay tuned for more adventures in my quest to be da best big brudder ever.

2 PAWments:

Rufus, Indie (and Anita) said...

With Titan you will not feel bored again, Riley! Titan is cuuuute!

Rufus and Indie

Bruschi said...

Aww Riley what a great story! I could feel your anticipation as the car pulled in the driveway!! How exciting! I think you are going to be a great "big brudder" and teach Titan how to behave like you! Don't worry about AnnaBelle, she will come around!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi