Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hi everyone, i has been away from my blog and the internet itself for tha past few days cause momma is making a few changes. She is getting rid of Direct TV and Verzion DSL and getting Comcast, the local cable provider in the area. We are upgrading everything...HD TV,faster internet connection (I will explain this one in a minute) and we are getting a house phone. We used to have a house phone but momma is cheap and couldn't see paying for a phone she never used ($60.00 a month) So Comcast is offering a fantastic bundle package and momma is really excited about it...
the package includes:
*HD programming of 200 channels, cause you know I a pup who likes his tv
(mom leaves it on for me all day everyday, hehehehe)
*DVR service and NESN on demand ....Now for those of you not in the Boston area that is New England Sports Network...Red Sox on Demand,meaning daddy can go to work 3x11pm and come home, hit a button and watch the game (hopefully mom doesn't tell him the score first.)
*Internet connection is way upgrade from the Verizon DSL we had. Why the upgrade???
Because I going to be a video star!!! Hehehehe, Mom says she has a lot of videos she gonna make starring me, Annabelle and our new brudder Titan, so she need a faster connection.
*House local and long distance calling in the US, woohoo!
See daddy has a very nice friend who can't understand that after 9pm means after 9pm, not a minute before!!!! So he alone is costing mom a fortune, and using up the minutes on the cell phone, but I digress....we will finally have a phone he or anyone else for that matter,
can call anytime and mom won't flip her cookies.
So there you have the full explanation of why I have not been around the past few days.

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Bruschi said...

Hi Riley! We have a bundle package here too! But we have Brighthouse. Mommy had Comcast in Boston and said it was pretty good.
Now that you will have faster internet, you can upload your blog quicker now too! See, this new package works for you too!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Oh I am soooo jealous
we just have slow poke stuff here.
But we are happy for you!